ooops! best early and late mango varieties

palmspringsplumie(9b)February 10, 2013

Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and I've learned so much already from your posts. We are away for the summer from Mid June through September and the two varieties I've found that fit are Alphonso Kesar, April-May, and Choc a Non, Nov - Jan. First of all, I was hoping to hear from MangoDog because Palm Springs is such an odd micro-climate, if he thinks the trees still produce fruit at the time of year they are supposed to. Second, I read the description of the fruit on POG for these two. I'd appreciate any other input from you all about their specific qualities. Thank you thank you! Claire

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

FINALLY....A fellow Coachellan mango grower!


Forget everything you've read on those Fruit Tree Selling websites...our unique weather patterns change everything around. My Alphonso, Rosigold (allegedly an early bearer) and Manila all produce in July and August, depending on the amount of heat we get. The only one I've found so far that will fit your desires is the Keitt - begins ripening in Sept.ish and can hold fruit for like 3 months...and a delish fruit....just bought a couple more to plant this last fall....

But really, Claire you should come over and see my set up!


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