My order from Plantogram has just arrived today!

Andrew ScottFebruary 17, 2011

I got my order from Plantogram today. All I can say is that I wished that I had ordered from him sooner! I ordered a 'Carrie' mango and with that order I got a free Acerola (aka Barbados Cherry) tree.

The mango tree is about 4ft tall with 3 nice branches. All the branches have bloom pannicles that are pushing out. I don't know if they will hopld or not but the tree is so lush and healthy. I am really pleased with my order.

I called Mickey (the owner) to thank him. I told him that I was really impressed with the size of the mango tree. I forgot to mention that the acerola is about 2ft tall maybe a little taller but nice and bushy. I only paid about $25 for shipping which I told him I thought was very reasonable. He told me that he has had a lot of people complain about the high shipping costs which really surprised me, especially when the trees are arriving in there original nursery pots!!

I will definetly order from him again in the fututre!

I will popst pics as soon as I am able too.


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yaslan(8 WA state)

Great to hear, Andrew! I can't wait to see pics!! Where is plantogram located? I wonder how much it will cost to ship to my area? In any case, I am gonna hear over there right now...

Enjoy your new housemate!


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Congrats Andrew!! The Carrie mango tree sounds great and has blooms too...Plus a freebie, you made out well! I'm also looking forward to pictures! Enjoy and best of luck with them.

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tammysf(9b/10a or sz15/16)

great sounding tree...i am really happy with my plantogram order as alphonso is doing really it my dragonfruit.

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their plants seem kinda pricey- way more so than PI.
Whats the advantage of plantogram?

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the advantage is he ships Pine Island and zill trees without charging high for shipping or requiring phyto certificates. hes probably a smaller operation who doesnt declare them as plants when shipping them, like many ebay stores

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Andrew Scott

HEy Lycheeluva,
Another advantage is his plants are HUGE!!!! My 'Carrie' was considered small because he told me that they were the shortest height of all of his mango varieties. He told me if I had ordered 'Cogshall', or Nam Doc Mai or basically anything else, the tree would have been around 5ft-6ft tall!!

To me the other advantage is getting a tree that isn't bare root. Pine Island wouldn't ship a tree that big, at least I don't think they would! My tree is around 4ft wide and only 2 leaves were ripped off of it during shipping. HE takes great care in shipping and mangokush is right about shipping.

I talked to him about his shipping rates yesterday and I still cannot believe that he told me that a lot of people consider his shipping to be really expensive. I thought he was very reasonable.

Hi Bo,
I did post here yesterday but it must be the forum was having problems again. Plantogram is in the Orlando area of Flroida, I am guessing. I say that because my tracking info showed that it left Orlando to begin its journey to me in NY.
Again I hate to tell ya this but the shipping may be high for you only because it is going all the way to the west coast. Have you been able to find any repuatable mail order nurseries in CA? I have also heard great things about Nipa Hut. I would also check them out but I would be surprised if you could get a 6ft mango tree for $52 from them!

Hi Nancy,
Again, I am sorry but I did post here yesterday. I had a very busy day and I was just too tired to repost what I had done before.

I am very happy with this little tree. Little did I just say that?? This is the largest mango I have ever recieved thru the mail. It's actually the 2nd largest tree I have ever had period!!

When I got the 'Carrie' out of the huge box it came in, I thought of you right away. I thought "Hmm. What would Nancy say if she were here?" I know what you would say! THIS TREE IS GOING TO HAVE TO BE PUGGED!! LMAO! No Nancy, I cannot say that. You have been so very helpfull with your pruning techniques. IF it were not for you, I wouldn't have had the courage to hack my 'Maha Chinook' back so hard.

Seeing how your not afraid to do it and the results you get is the reason why I did it. Especially after seeing your 'Glenn'. "Ask and you shall recieve" right? Well, I kept telling you how I wanted a tree that was just like your 'Glenn' and this 'Carrie' kind of has that shape all ready!

First off, I want to tell you that this is the 2nd mango tree that I have now where the graft is almost at soil level. This makes it so much easier to aggresively prune.

Anyhow, about 2ft up, the tree has 2 branches. One of the branches is about 2ft long. The second branch is about a foot long. The 2ft long branch I plan on cutting back about half way. The other branch I plan on removing about 4 inches or so of growth. About another foot or so up, it has another branch about 6 inches long and yep, that one is going to get pruned back too! The central leader ends about another foot and a half up from that. I want to prune that back too about 2 inches above the last branch.

I don't want to mess with pruning though until I know what is going to happen with all the pannicles. I counted 5 pannicles so far. The central lead has 2 at the tip. I told Mickey yesterday that I was thinking that they would probobly drop off and if I was lucky, maybe they would regrow. He told me that he recently shipped a 'julie' to a woman in Canada. This he said was about 2 weeks ago. She called him yesterday and told him that the buds were now beginning to open so that gives me some hope.

Mickey also seemed to think that the tree could possibly hold a fruit or 2. I know it desperatly needs a new pot. I wonder if he tries to hold off on repotting the trees that he sells for mail order because it's in a 5 gal pot and the tree is almost top heavy now.

To everyone here who has responded to this post thanks for all the well wishes! I really appreciate it!!

I think it is so strange how this was the tree I wanted the guy from Potratz in Erie PA to bring back from Florida. If he would have brought me back one, I would not have ordered it from Plantogram, and I don't think I would have ended up with such a nice large tree!! I have high hopes for this mango tree. I have learned a lot on growing them in containers over the past 2 years that I have been on this forum.

I owe a lot of this to you guys and I want all of you to know how much I appreciate it. You guys encouraged me to keep on trying even when I killed the 3 I had last year and now I have 3 more and these trees so far are the healthiest trees I have ever had.

Again, I apologize for not posting any pictures of the 'Carrie' and the free Acerola, 'Barbados Cherry' I got yesterday along with pictures of my 'Lancetilla' mango i got in Erie about a month ago. I have to replace my USB and then I can post pics again. I must really have a problem if I chose to buy 2 trees and not fix the computer! LMAO!!

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yaslan(8 WA state)

I just found out the shipping cost for me would be around $52 bucks! I don't like that number... lol Though, I have checked nipa hut's website several times and they seem to be out of business?

In any case, I can't wait to see pics of your new mango trees!


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Andrew Scott

Nipa Hut went out of business!! That really sucks! Even though I never ordered from them there prices seemed very reasonable. If they did really go out of business that's a big loss!!

Have you tried finding any nurseries in CA that would ship to you? The shipping is going to be an issue for you no matter who you order from in FL, maybe P.I. will be cheaper and the better way for you to go.


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Hello Friends,

For those of us on the West Coast and With Regards to Plant-o-gram. Think of it this way. Yes the shipping cost for us is about $50.

But here are the advantages.

1) You will almost always get a bigger tree from Mickey than any other Mail Order - Some as tall as 6' Feet.

2) Mickey always throws in a Free Plant - Tell him what you want and he'll make it happen. So you could be looking at the $50 cost of shipping as the price for the other plant at say $30, and only $20 For Shipping.

3) You have no worries. It you have any problems, I mean any, Mickey will make it right - For Sure.

4) Nipa Hut Is not doing any Business right now and stopped shipping to California about 3-4 months ago so they are not an option.

5) Micky will send you a dozen pictures of different plants so that you can pick out the exact plant you want. No other place does this.

I hope this has been helpfull.

- Jacob

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Andrew Scott

I also think it's not that Nipa is out of business. I think it's that they just don't have there trees available for sale yet. I remember emailing them last year around this time and they told me that they wouldn't have stock ready until spring so hopefully it will be sometime soon.

Hey Jacob,
So you must have ordered from him before. What did you buy? IF i have more room in the near future, I will order from him again, that is if I don't make it down to FL this June.
Bo lives in Washington State so if she wanted to order from Nipa she could. I think Ajay from CA bought some mango trees from there and if I'm right, he got some really nice trees.


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yaslan(8 WA state)

Hi Andrew, I did check several nurseries on the west coast. They replied that their mangoes are too big to ship.

Hi Jacob, you sure do make paying for shipping admittedly bearable! Now, I don't feel so bad about paying $50 bucks for transportation cost. As a matter of fact, since you put it this way, I am more than happy to spend $50 bucks just to get these larger and impressive mango trees! I am definitely gonna check out Plantogram and put in an order... lol You should definitely be a pitchman, Jacob!!


p.s I just received my dwarf papaya from Hirt's Garden. I love it!

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Hello Friends,

Andrew - I have ordered Tons of Stuff from them and have been so happy each time. I got a 5'-6' Foot Sweetheart Lychee, 5'-6' Foot Purple Caimito, 4'-5' Foot Jaboticaba, a 5' foot "San Pablo" Custard Apple, and a Awesome Pickering Mango tree that is fruiting right now. That is the stuff I bought. As for te Stuff I got for free. I got a Jamaican Strawberry tree which is now almost 7' feet, Barbados Cherry, A Guava, a 6' foot Grumichama Cherry, and a Sensitive Plant, and a couple of others. He really values his customers and wrote the book on customer service.

Bo - Yes, I definietly believe in them and the proof is in the pudding. He really delivers and the product speaks for itself. He will do whatever to make you happy. Ask for some pictures so you will get exactly what you want and expect, and so there won't be any problems. Mickey is very happy to do so. They are by far the best Mail Order Nursery for us in California and West Coast.

- Jacob

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Hi Andrew. Thank you for sharing your new order with us! We're looking forward to seeing your new addition when you have a chance to post pictures! Cheers. :-D

Hi Jacob. Could you share with us how the free stuff would work when placing an order with Plantogram? Were those free plants grafted or airlayered trees? And how big were they, 5 gal? Thanks for sharing.

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Hello Friends,

Fruit Cally - Usually after talking with Mickey on the phone (and I would encourage you to do so because he is so friendly and helpful) about an order, he will offer to send you something for free with your order and offer you a handful of different choices. Almost everything I have received for Free was at least 3 Gallon. Some seedlings, some Grafted, just depended on what it was.

Oh, yeah I forgot that I also got a 5'-6' Foot Rollinia for from from Mickey as well.

- Jacob

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello everyone!!!

Sorry that i am late to the party!!! LOL..Thanks ANdrew for sending me back over...ive missed you guys!!!

I can believe how big that Mango sounds wonderful..i will have to check them out as well...All of you are great Pitch men!! LOL..

We all help each other get excited...and now i have the "bug" again...

Hi Bo!!! I would love to see a pic of your Papaya...they have always interested me... make me want to talk to Mickey LOL....He sounds like a really nice person...Its wonderful to hear that you and ANdrew had such a great experience...

Hope to see pics ANdrew...i understand that plants/trees are more important..than computer parts!!! LOL...

Take care everyone!!

I have the shears in my ready to "pug" my trees....but i need a push...LOL...

Laura in VB

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I think Nipi is out of business, at least under that name. I emailed the owner and asked why everything was out of stock every time I visited his web site and he said he sold the business, didn't give the name of the new owner but the old site pops up whenever I google Nipi.

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Andrew Scott

I am sad to report that all the immature fruits appear to have dropped on me. I was hopefull to get a fruit or two but understanding that the tree is still small, I know that fruiting now will only slow down the growth of my tree.

I am still hoping that maybe when I put it outside this spring it may produce more inflos. If not, maybe the Maha Chinook will? I know not to even think of getting fruit from the Lancetilla.


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