Bamboo and termites?

caribbeancupcakeJune 19, 2005

I have searched the flooring forum and see no reference to termites eating bamboo. I live in the Caribbean and would like to put in bamboo flooring. Bamboo grows here and the termites don't make nests in it but is that because they don't like eating it or it isn't substantial enough to support the nest?

The flooring forum doesn't address this issue. Does anyone gardening in the tropics have experience with using bamboo flooring and termites finding it appetizing? Termites love oak and pine and so far the only thing they don't eat is treated wood or a dark hardwood from South America? Any thoughts or experience appreciated?

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I don't have any personal experience, but a quick google search of the words "bamboo termites" turned up the following information:

1) Termites do eat bamboo.
2) Some bamboo species seem to be more resistant than others.
3) Not all species of bamboo make good building material.
4) Fungus, powder beetles and woodworms are also problems.
5) There are a number of ways to treat bamboo in order to insect-proof it.
6) There is actually a species known as the bamboo termite (which should give you a clue right there) that is apparently very tasty if you like that sort of thing-- and there seem to be enough people who do to support a restaurant featuring insect cuisine. Think I'll take a pass on that one...

Didn't come across anything specifically on flooring, but then I didn't really look that hard. This site gives a lot of info on harvesting and treating commercial bamboo:

Here is a link that might be useful: bamboo treatment methods

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