pitanga - no fruit!

batyabethJune 4, 2007

this is for pitandiego or anyone else about my four year old pitanga, growing in a bathtub on my hillside in Haifa, Israel. Lots of healthy leaves, few bugs that I can see (and I look), enough water as far as I can tell, even in our climate, a very few flowers last two months as our winter ended.....we get no frost and lots of rain for about 4 months, then the rest of the year, no rain and lots of dry sun. The pitanga sits in half light shade/half strong Israeli sun. I know of quite a few heavy bearing ones about an hour north of here as high on a mountain as I am in Haifa. I adore the fruit, and we are waiting as patiently as possible for it to fruit!! Very few flowers, none of which turned, at least as of now, into fruit, and in previous years, only 4-5 fruits all season. What am I doing wrong?

Yearning in Haifa (aka Batya)

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