Anyone with Heliconias or Gingers in SW Florida?

felipoJune 26, 2008

Recently planted Heliconias and Gingers in the ground in SW Florida. Everyone tells me they do well in this area, except the people who planted them. They say they are plants suited for a higher elevation and will not do well here. They do not want to honor a warranty they have already given me because of that. It is too early to tell how they will do---they just got planted.

Would be interested to hear from people growing Heliconias and Gingers in SW Florida and their opinions on how they do in this area. Also, what fertilizer do you use?

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barbcoleus(z10 Cape Coral,Fl)

I live in SW Florida and they do great. I have Heliconia Rostrata and gingers who's names I don't remember off hand. THey are mulched. I use a variety of fertilizers.

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I am thinking they just want to get away with not honoring their warranty in case something dies!! Glad to hear yours are doing well. I am looking forward to getting blooms!
Is there a specific fertilizer or type of fertilizer that you use?

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barbcoleus(z10 Cape Coral,Fl)

The only plants I ever got with a guarantee came from Lowes and I had to keep the receipt. I don't use any fancy fertilizer, I use Miracle-grow or Dynamite. Heavy mulching is what I think really helps.

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I have bunch of heliconias and gingers and live in South Florida. They all do great.
I have heliconia Criswick, Lobster claw pendant, Lobster claw upright 2, Green thumb, episcopalis, Kawauchi, 5am, Flash, Hot Flash, purpurea, Fondeur,dwarf Jamaican, Firebird...
As far as gingers go: I have numerous costus, alpinias, hedychiums, curcumas, etlingera elatior, and they all do fine. Curcumas and some of the costus goes into dormancy, but comes back every year.
I use tropical fruit and plants mix from the Excalibur nursery. I also mulch them heavily.
Good luck with yours, they do add to the tropical look.

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