Can I grow an Avocado, and Grapefruit tree in Dallas, TX

stevexyz(Dallas, TX 8)June 20, 2010

I have started to sprout some avocado pits and some grapefruit seeds. I dont know if they will produce where i live. I have asked my local nursery and they said that they both will survive but will not produce after droping their leaves in the winter. I am not ready to give up just yet and I would like to know if anyone has grown avocados and/or grapefruit in zone 8a and they survive our cold winters and hot summers.



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Check with the Dallas County Ag department. Grapefruit will tolerate light freezes but Avocado is purely tropical. Some trees were even killed in this past winter's big freeze in South Florida.

Both need full sun to thrive.

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stevexyz(Dallas, TX 8)

wow. thanks

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

No on the avocado. Doubtful on the grapefruit. HOWEVER, there are a number of hardier citrus that may do OK in Dallas. Check out some of the mandarins (Satsuma, Changsha etc.) and some of the hardy hybrid citrus such as Citrandarin, Citrumelo, Orangequat, Citrangequat, Citrange, etc.).

Also, you should be aware that any citrus grown from seed may take many, many years before they are mature enough to bloom and bear. If you trim them down, they may never bear. So, unless you are young, you might want to invest in a grafted tree that is capable of bearing fruit within a year or so! Unless you are happy to grow it only for the foliage.

See link below. (I do not know whether they can ship to Texas, so you may need to find a Texas grower).

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's a place to get started

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Well I have heard that if you cover-bury the avocado it will survive and in 3 or so yrs it will bear fruit,this lady has 2 avocadoe trees and what she does she strips off the leaves make a circle with mesh wire(chicken wire) fills it up with dry leaves adds hay then covers it with burlap sacs. this was 2 yrs ago and her tree is still alive, of course this year is going to be dificult since her trees are kind of big. I myself have 3 trees growing in pots 1 from last year the other 2 are from this year so once again this winter they will be protected and see how long I can keep them, weare in central Texas.

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general rule is to never grow fruit from seeds, buy the grafted variety if you want production in any reasonable time. I hear avocados take nearly 20 years from the pit to fruit.

avocados took a massive beating in the mid 20s here, even mature very large trees. i'd say thats a no chance. I'd give a citrus a go and not spend too much. Worst thing that could happen is it dies. ;)

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I might try growing a "Mexicola" avocado tree in Dallas if its planted in a sheltered area with a lot of sun. Mexicola is cold tolerant down into the lower teens. Thats about the only variety that I would bother trying to grow that far north. Mexicola is a real nice tasting avocado thats great for gucamole.

Forget growing an avocado tree from seed unless you have 20 years to wait for the first fruit that might just be a new lousy tasting avocado. Much better to just spend the twenty bucks on a small grafted tree and know what your planting and then actually get to enjoty the fruit in a year or two.

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Don's Nursery sell bunch of different tropical fruits from different-citrus type(orange, pomello, lime, lemon, tangerine, calomandin(kalamansi), Guava, papaya, June Plum, Persimmons, bananas, etc.. Most of them you will see bunch of fruits already in container.located in Doan's Nursery Inc
622 South Belt Line Road
Irving, TX 75060-2111
(972) 790-3500's+nursery+irving+texas&fb=1&gl=us&hq=doan's+nursery&hnear=0x864e825c1d09f58f:0x3c306f568687f309,Irving,+TX&cid=111986479470593855

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