Dark wood mango disease

sapote(10a)February 11, 2014

Couple months ago I chopped my 5ft tall Valencia Pride down to 1ft when I found it had the "dark wood" disease: the center hardwood had dark brown stain and the surrounding bark was watery rot. I kept cutting down the trunk until the wood was clear from stain. But it seems I didn�t cut down far enough and this morning I found the same disease with upper branch dying off, so I cut it again and burning the knife blade after every cut. Well, here all it left with about 1.5" above the graft line (black color tree wound compound). Should I keep the stump in shade or out in normal sunlight in hope that I could recover? What is the right way to deal with this disease?


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I believe the disease is Verticillium Wilt:
Through my many years working with mangoes, I had a few cases with this disease and never be able to save one plant, because based on the article, the root was infected.

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