much sun can it take?

Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)June 25, 2005

I recently got a red cordyline (Ti plant) and am wanting to put it outdoors. Just how much sun can it take without burning the leaves?

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sinner_gurl(LA z9& HUMID!)

I recently got a few ti plants as well. I have them on a side deck in pots for now with afternoon shade/morning sun. I put mine in the shade for a week then gradually moved them to full sun. The leaves on the red one and the peter buck burned but the kiwi one was okay. So I moved the other two into partial sun and they are doing well again.

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Kameha(z9b/10a Heat:10)

I have ti plants that have been growing in full sun for 4 years now...with no signs of leaf burn. Maybe they just have to get used to it? They have reddish leaves.

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SUSANDALLAS(zone 8,dallas)

They can take full sun. Mine died to the ground this winter, but are now coming back. I don't know the variety, I bought them at HD. They are mostly a hot pink in color.

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sinner_gurl(LA z9& HUMID!)

Maybe I just need to give mine some more time to get used to it then. I really want to plant mine in the ground eventually.

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hotzcatz(Hamakua, Hawaii)


Ti plants grow in full sun with no problem. If your plant has been a house plant for awhile, though, it might need "hardening off" before it goes out to full time sun. Put it in a shady spot outside and move it more and more into the sun . Eventually it will be out in the full sun.

They grow faster and fuller with partial shade and loads of water although the soil should drain. I can't remember any ti plants growing in water like taro, but they do grow faster with more water. Wind doesn't bother them too much, but if the wind is strong they might get shredded leaves.

A hui hou,

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