Guava Tree No Longer producing

black7June 16, 2008

I have a white guava fruit tree, may be a dwarf as it never got any bigger than 4 ft. Always grew lots of guavas that we all loved.

Anyhow, last year here in SoCal we had a freeze and snow one day, very strange weather for us, considering I myself live where it gets hot in the summer.

After the freeze it came back beautiful, growing guavas once again. My gardener came along and cut it down to sticks, even the existing fruit was gone. I was so angry, I still am.

Well, it hasn't grown anymore fruit or even blossomed since then. it's grown back and has lovely leaves all over it though.

Will it come back? What can I do?

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puglvr1(9b central FL)


Not an expert in Guava trees, I have one(Pineapple Guava) but since you said that the tree has grown back and has healthy leaves, maybe try giving it some fertilizer recommended for fruit trees/citrus trees. prefably a slow release type. Water on a regular basis. I certainly woudn't give up on it, maybe it is just re-adjusting to being pruned so severly? Try the slow release fertilizer with minors(Dynamite brand is very good)Home Depot or Walmart carries it.

Good luck!

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