Yard Update 2/21/11

hmhausman(FL 10B)February 21, 2011

Ok, in honor of President's Day and the great weather we were having this morning, I went ahead and took a few shots. Hope you enjoy!

Manalita mango....barely 1 foot tall. Previously posted because of the cut made in the trunk by the lawn people causing new growth from below the terminal bud. I am only planning to allow it to bear 2-3 fruits this year. JK.....I'll be plucking them off as soon as they form.

Seedling Roliinia, pushing new growths and very tiny blooms.....hoping for first fruit set.

Brogdon Avocado in full bloom way ahead of all other in the yard.

Former Oxcutzcab Sapodilla, snapped at ground level by Hurrican Wilma....now probably seedling growth from the root stock, fruiting for the first time.

Hasya Sapodilla, number 1

Alano Sapodilla

Macadamia Nut

Pakistani Mulberry

Dang Rasimi Jakfruit

Tiger's Eye Longan

Bruce Canistel

Malay Apple, returned from total defoliation...somewhat over exposed...sorry

Kaimana Lychee (number 3, in bloom for first time)

Looking south along western fence line.

Lychee bloom

Brewster lychee

Yellow dragon fruit

Edward Mango

Madame Francis mango

Maha Chanook, number 3

E Daw Longan, still in pot, but grown into the ground

Ohia Lychee, new air layer, in bloom

Imam Pasand Mango

Vegetable garden...oops, how'd that get in here

Looking eastward into lychee grove. Peerless on left, Kaimana (number 1) on right.

Hak Ip Lychee (number 3)

Hak IP Lychee (number 3) bloom

Hak Ip Bloom close up

Large June Plum, totally defoliated by the cold, still holding limited amount of fruit

Carrie mango

Maha Chanook, number 4

Maprangs.....Myong Chid on the left and Kai on the right

Sweetheart Lychee number 1

Sweetheart Lychee, number 2.....notice totally different growth habit as compared to previous Sweetheart pictured.

More lychee bloom

Bosworth 3 (Kwai Mai Pink) Lychee

Hatcher mango

Lychee grove looking westward......foreground is Mauritius, behind to the left is Bengal and to the right rear is Ohia

Mallika mango seedling

Julie mango

Jamaican Black mango

Ice Cream mango

Meyers Lemon

Hasya sapodilla (number 2)

Chinese White Pommelo

Pickering Mango

Maha Chanook mango, number 2

Cogshall mango

Alphonso mango

Extrema mango

Hak Ip Lychee, number 2

Christmas Loquat

Bradenton Loquat

Trio of Maha Chanook seedlings (planted in one hole....all in bloom and setting fruit for the first time)

Neelum mango

Monroe Avocado

Jean Ellen mango

Rosiegold mango


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Ooops...missed one...... Green Sapote

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yaslan(8 WA state)

Mission this year: Visit your tropical fruit orchard!!!


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My dream yard^^. :) Harry, which mangoes do you like the best? I'm thinking about buying a grafted carrie, alphonso, golden nugget, glenn and valencia pride. Lets see if I have extra space, so I can also buy a tebow. I would like to save some space for my grafted mamey, longan, and maybe a future green sapote. The only current mango seedling I have is a carrie seedling in a 7gallon pot. I'd just grafted my haden seedling, using budwood from my large grafted haden mango tree. Hopefully, this graft succeeds. I did a wedge graft using rubber bands and plastic food container seal wraps. It's under complete shade now.


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Wow Harry. Looks like you will be loaded this year.

You're Kai maprang looks amazing.

Is that Ohia lychee airliner an Ohia pink? I tried buying one of those from excalibur last year but he refused to sell them to me because he said they did not do well here.

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Andrew Scott

Wow Harry,
A tropical fruit paradise in your yard. When your orchard needs your attention you must really spend a lot of hours there!
I really hope your tropical fruits have good season this year! My Carrie mango is almost ready to start opening a few of its buds now. I followed your advise and today fed it 0-10-10. I am keeping my fingers crossed!


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Ho hum, lychee blooms, mango blooms, my yard looks just like that right now. No really, I printed out pictures of your trees and taped them to my tiny trees. Everything is looking incredible and I enjoyed the shot along the fence line. Interesting to see some of the overall shots along with the beautiful money shots.

Did your Dang Rasimi suffer any damage at all this year, one tough specimen.

thanks and dang you,

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Hey Harry,

Man, I could look at these pictures all day! Thanks again for not making us wait the 2 weeks you had said. Us West Coasters go crazy when we see your collection. As Always, Awesome Pictures.

- Jacob

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murahilin(10 fl)

It is very interesting that the three maha chanook seedlings all flowered for the first time this year. What do you think the possible reason? Polyembryonic? Maybe they all joined at the roots since they are so close and shared hormones to fruit?

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That pickering is a beaut!! I almost want to pet it or something :-).


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Harry, your yard looks GREAT! Your lychee trees are huge! It's nice to see everything in bloom. Thank you for posting your pics! BTW, I just bought 2 small Kaimana lychees (in 1 gallon pots) from PIN. They are chlorotic, but should green-up with the rich soil mix I gave them. Why did I buy the Kaimanas? Because you said they were one of your 2 favorite varieties (Garnet being the other if I remember). Thankfully I'm a somewhat young guy and can wait the 25 years it will take for my 15" trees to achieve hmhausman status. : ) From what I've read on GW the Kaimana is a dry, crisp lychee (which I like).
Out of curiosity, why does your Rosigold look sort of piqued? Is that the growth habit? Someone at PIN told me today that they are quite susceptible to anthracnose (vs. other mango trees)...is this true?
Also, how old is the big Brewster lychee tree in your post?

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zands(10b Fl)

Whole lotta blooming going on with trillions of baby mangoes in your yard. Florida remains a mango superpower despite the lousy economy. There are expensive restaurants in New York and other large cities that would pay to have real ripe Florida mangoes FedExed to them.

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Andrew Scott

Hi Harry,
Maybe I am the only one to comment on this(You Floridians probobly don't think anything of it!) but I cannot believe how fast your Jean Ellen has grown! You bought it what 3 years ago at the mango fest?

I also wanted to comment on the Pickering. This mango has been on my mind as another possibility along with Mallika for the past few weeks.

I really must be a mango crazed gardener, I live in NY yet for some reason I think I can have my own potted mango grove!

I had read an older post here on the Mallika and Pickering. I cannot remember who said it but someone was trying to sell the Pickering by saying it bloomed reliably and heavily every year.

The Mallika's appeal for me has been the reviews on it's flavor and yeah, I know that people here have also raved about the Pickering's flavor.

If I have it my way, I will get both. With those I will have the Carrie, Lancetilla, Maha Chinook, and my seedling Autalfo. That will make 6 mango trees.

When I started coming to this forum, I wanted maybe 2 and that was it. Either I will have to move to Florida or stop coming to the forum! All these mago pics just make me go crazy and before I know it, I am back to shopping for more mango trees. Yeah, I know I could just build a big greenhouse but I would much prefer the 1st option, moving to Florida!

Is that guest house still open? Nah, just kidding! I would get tossed out once you found all the mango pits in the garbage can! LMAO!


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Wow...Wow Harry!! Not much to say except you came through for us again...LOVE your beautiful yard! Of course my favorites are the Mango and Lychees...but I love Jackfruit as well. I can't get over how many blooms you have...it must smell amazing at your house! Thanks for the awesome pictures! Sure looks like a bumper crop for you this year...fantastic! I'm so envious!

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zands(10b Fl)


I would consider Gold Nugget aka Golden Nugget. I like the orange flesh as opposed to a yellowish flesh. Yellowish translates into more tart.... (I could be wrong on that) I have a young Nugget that is coming along fine. I have a testimonial from an old timer in Miami who loves his Nugget tree and how it produces. He says it is fast growing.

He has two other mango trees. His philosophy of mango tree management is to lop 30-50% off the top after the fruit harvest to keep his trees young. These are 3 older trees 10-30 years old

Here is a link that might be useful: G-Nugget

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hmm, i think you are wrong on that, lol.
i have a "gold nugget" as well, supposed to have an apricot flavor, which has some level of acid.
I hear "vista white" is almost acidless and very sweet. makes senses since it is similar with peaches etc.
"strawberry" is yellow, (i would love to sample one) its supposed to be very subtly flavored with a strawberry aftertaste, so to me that would indicate less acid then one with a distinct apricot flavor

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Thanks for all the kind words, as always.


You are considering: carrie, alphonso, golden nugget, glenn and valencia pride. I haven't had Alphonso yet, but the other choices are all excellent. My personal favorites are Maha Chanook, Edward, Dot, and Cushman. The best tree ripened specimen of the above would win my taste preference contest on most days. There are many other mangoes, that, on a given day, at the peak of perfection of ripeness, that could crack into the elite line up. There are almost too many to name of the mangoes that I am growing that would fall into this category. I built my collection based upon mango selections that were either rated excellent in the early Fairchild ratings back in their publications in the early 1990's or, if I came across a variety that someone thought was the best mango in the world (and I thought they had any idea about what they were talking about). I do own an obligatory Tommy Atkins just for completeness of the collection (I am almost embarrased to say). Of the mangoes you are considering, I would still reserve judgment on Alphonso. Valencia Prida is one of those that I grow that, in a given year or day, it can crack the top mangoes. The others would be just below the elite.....still excellent and worth growing, however....IMO.

LOL, I just went back to an old post to a thread in this Forum to see what I had previously said in answer to this question. Here's what I said....

In the very top group would be Maha Chanook, Dot, Edward and Cushman...in no particular order. These would consistantly rate 9.0 or higher on a 10 point scale. After these, there is a group that, while not always in the top group, can, on a given day rival those in the top group. These would include Julie, Carrie, Graham,Mallika, Cogshall, Pickering, Okrung, Nam Doc Mai, Spirit of 76, Ice Cream, Valencia Pride and Southern Blush. These would consistantly rate 8.0-9.5 on a 10 point scale.

I also have a seedling tree grown from a Mallika seed that has fruit that has flavor with the best of the best...but is knocked down because of abundant fiber.

At least I agree with myself. Best of luck with your Haden graft!


Good question. I have purchased the Ohia, Ohia Red and Ohia Pink. I have two trees that I know are the original Ohia...that was before I ever heard of the Pink or Red. I have one other tree that is flowering for the first time which is either the pink or red...not sure which. Also not sure how this one will differ from the original Ohias that have flowered and fruited consistantly for many years. Stay tuned for further developments on this front.


No...no damage on the Dang Rasimi again this year after a second fairly brutal winter. But then again, I really didn't have much daamge this year on any jakfruit other than some peripheral leaf damage on the Tabouey x J-30, Mai 2 and the Borneo Red.


No...you misunderstood what I had said. Two of the Maha seedlings have flowered previously. Actually, one flowered two years in a row. However, they have never set any fruit. This year they are all three flowering and I see small fruit development. Maybe I am just looking closer but I am very hopeful that we'll have some to try. In the interim, I would say that there are some fairly different characteristics that indicate individuality. In the picture you will notice that some of the pannicles are deeper red than the others. Also, there was some difference in the timing of the blossom push. Not that this proves anything as I have 4 grafted Maha's planted out and they are off considerably by a number of weeks as compared to the others in bloom timing. Also, the tree on the NW side has much shorter pannicles than the others.


Yes, Rosiegold does seem to be very anthracnose prone and the tree habit is scraggly as you can see on all three that I have. Remember, the tree pictured was originally grafted by me and I was calling it the Martinez mango based on what I was told by the suppplier of the scions. I have come to realize that what I have is Rosiegold...so now I have three of them planted out and they all look the same...scraggly. On your question about that Brewster lychee. It was a wedding gift to my wife and I and was in a 15 or so gallon pot when it was planted out in June of 1991.


My Jean Ellen was purchased not this past Fairchild Festival but the one the previous year. So it has been planted out since around July of 2009....that is one year and seven months. Remember...that is the tree I used as an experiment in my "To prune or not to prune" thread. See link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: To prune or not to prune

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Thanks Zands and Harry! They do always change the ratings. For example, the link Zands showed me has golden nugget as a 4 out of 5 in taste. Now it's a five. http://www.tropicalfruitnursery.com/mango/golden-nugget-mango.shtml

Cushman does have 5 out of 5, but according to the review, the tree can be a pain in the butt to take care of due to poor disease resistance. Hopefully the next Home I'll be moving to will have a decent size back yard to have some of the vigorous variety mangoes such as gold nugget, valencia pride, and edward or tebow(cross between edward and kent).

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That's some pretty amazing growth on that Jean ellen. Quite a change from the original post.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Harry - I'm wide-eyed and sppppeechless (yep - just saw The King's Speech - fabulous movie if you can pull yourself away from your fields of glory - lol)...I'd have trouble sleeping if I had a yard like that just thinkin' about who's outgrowing their shoes and pants, especially this time of year and through the fall....

thanks so much for all the "research" and advanced years of trial work you've done that we've all benefited from...
and for being such a swell bloke......


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harry- if i ever win the lottery the first thing i am going to do is offer you $5 million for your garden (you can keep the house!)

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zands(10b Fl)

I'll be very happy if gold nugget mango has an apricot taste. Apricots are my favorite northern fruit. They do not ship well. Every three years or so I am able to buy some good ones. Hopefully I get a few fruits this year off my young gold nugget tree and I'll find out

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Astonding as always Harry. Beautiful shot of the up close lychee flowers with the pollen and nectar showing.

Hey Sheehan...let's keep the talk out of the gutter man...this is a family forum. No more talk of fruit porn and the exchange of hormones!

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Holy crap, Harry! How many tons of fruit do you get a season, and more importantly, how can us northerners get our grubby mitts on it? Fantastic pics/yard/collection/etc! My trees would have an inferiority complex looking at yours and Puglvr's.

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First, let me say, I don't know 1/100th of the names and details you all know about your trees. I am much more of a novice than I realized.

I do know one thing - amazing amounts of blooming going on there, speechless here -- Outrageous, in a good way!

My trees have many blooms, but nothing like yours. I have not hooked up my photo software to my new laptop and I have not hooked up my office yet, I need to get someone to do that and I will soon. You will see what I mean when I post pics, my tress has far less blooms.

Also, my trees, from what I see in your pics, are much closer together. A fruit grower friend of mine came by and said that he feels the man that tended this yard was afraid to cut his trees back and should not have let some of them grow in the first place. He feels I need to take out a few trees to allow room for the ones I keep to thrive. Judging by the spacing in your pics-- he is right. I am such a newbie, this is a joke!

Off Topic -- I am a wannabe photographer here --

FYI - Picture with the title "Hak Ip Bloom close up" is simply suitable for framing, as is.

It would look beautiful blown up, simple matting and frame. In a kitchen, anywhere! I post in antiques & collectibles, I may be overstepping posting that info here. I bet you have dozens of shots of this natural splendor that I would love to have in my portfolio.

I am in awe; as posted in the Subject line. Enjoy that fruit that's about to come your way. Best of all, the mangoes!



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Harry is using the macro feature on his digital camera. all digital cameras have this feature, heres a link to a thread below that explains how to use it

Here is a link that might be useful: http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/tropicalfruits/msg0403235712073.html

    Bookmark   February 25, 2011 at 9:13AM
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