loquat - not fire blight- what/why

ilmbgJune 8, 2011

I have a Loquat tree outside my condo- I do not know which variety it is. I noticed it has been looking sickly the past couple years. The condo assoc does absolutely no care to the tree.

this is what is happening:

The bark is falling off the first 6-7 feet up the trunk.

The leaves are NOT turning brown and staying on the tree at the top.

The leaves ARE dying and falling off.

There are many small holes- about 3-4mm diamiter- a woodpecker possibly?

The large amount of bark falling off and showing a rust colored wood underneath is in both large patches and small.

There has been no lawnmower.weedeater hitting the tree, as there is no grass aroung it.

I don't know how to take a picture and put it online.

I don't want to lose this tree, what to do?


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It may be freeze damage. Mine has suffered some over the past couple winters. If so, below the damage it should be good.

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