Are your lychees blooming yet?

bananafanFebruary 3, 2014

My Lychee Hak Ip is just starting to sprout some blooms now. This year, the lychees are all slow in showing up their blooms. I don't know why.

Last year, by Feb 5, all my lychees all had spikes of blooms on them already. I wonder if it's due to the cold spell we just had here last week. Perhaps the weather isn't warm enough to stimulate the growth yet? I have been expecting my Brewster which did so well last year to at least show some signs ..., but all I have found were some tiny dried up stubs of growth stuck on the tip of each branch. I rubbed it off and hope something new will grow off of them.

For you lychee growers, if you have some update of yours to share, would appreciate hearing from you all.

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I think it depends on the location. My tree in 91501 started sending out flower spikes couple weeks ago.

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