Has anybody tried this?

tyler1121February 10, 2014

I was looking for fertalizers for my mango trees. I came across this and figured id see what your thoughts are.


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I tried this product on my tangerine tree which has never beared more than 3 to 4 tangerines in the past 3 years that i have had it in my possession. The tangerines usually die after a couple months, but this year it didn't for the first time. Then this year when I used this product, it still had its usual 4 fruit on it.
If you know, fertilizing mango trees is similar to feeding citrus trees except that mango trees should not be fertilized after midsummer. Mango trees planted in sandy soil require more fertilizer than do those planted in clay or loam.
Miracle-Gro Shake is used to take three months to feed up. It is ideal for all outdoor flower and vegetable garden beds. Also easy to use and refill with the convenient applicator package. I think its great for use on all types of new and existing outdoor flower and vegetable beds, trees and shrubs. Help to prevents overfeeding and burning when used as directed. It takes the guesswork out of feeding--shakes on in minutes and feeds continuously for up to 3 months.

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