Jatropha pruning

sunnyfl363June 15, 2009

I planted my first Jatropha, I believe itÂs a multifidia, last summer in the front flowerbed of my house. It gets direct sunlight and regular water. A year later, it has more than doubled in size, blooming consistently. The plant has about 5 bigger stems at the bottom which have sprouted smaller stems. These stems are very gangly and top heavy with leaves and flowers; making the plant bend forward. I've tried to straighten the longer stems by tying them back to a metal trellis for support. Will this help any? I can't find any exact tips on how and when to prune this plant.

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The Jatrophas are very hardy and can take a lot of pruning. I prune mine back heavily every spring to make it look better and it always comes back . I have the J.Multifida and it tends to lose its leaves in the winter and also the leaves look diseased. Pruning brings it back to a healthy looking plant.
Take a look at the link to a Florida Gardening post.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pruning Jatrophas

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four(9B (near 9a))

One plant became large enough to bloom last year.
Shaped like a palm tree: single thick tall trunk, no branches, many leaves.
Only at pinacle did it flower, so few for so large a plant.

I am thinking that perhaps my four seedlings somehow can be
made to grow multiple trunks,
thus having more flowering pinnacles.
Or to grow branches, if this species does branch.
Heights are 16", 14", 9", 7".

Guidance, please.

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