Spring flush care

compostworm5(9)February 21, 2012

this winter season has been mild and my tropicals are shooting new growth, lychee, longan ,sugar appple,white sap., mango,avocado,ect. My question does anybody have tips on flush care? Florida has seen minimal rain also with alot of days hovering in the 80s. Should watering be considered or will thAt have some neg. Effects on trees that are fruiting?

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For me it depends on whether or not they're in pots.

I have a dozen or so tropicals in pots, and a few dozen in the ground. Opinions may vary but I stick my finger in the potted plant soil 1-2" and if it's dry I water them.

Plants outside in pots lose water faster than those in the ground with mulch on them, so the finger test works well for me. Everything I have in pots has done well over the last year or two.

The in ground trees are all mulched and well established, so I water them less frequently.

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