Tomatoes with a bite.

RpR_(3-4)March 27, 2012

I love acidic tomatoes, beyond Green Stripey, what other tomatoes have that bite I love?

Catalogs seem to go out of their way to tell that that tomato x,y, or z is not acidic but beyond Greey Stripey will not tell you which one are.


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Here are several names that often come up:

Break o Day
Green Gage
Bolseno Hybrid
Silvery Fir Tree

Lots of others mentioned here and there but You are correct, catalogs usually say sweet or balanced. My sister likes a really good strong taste too.

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I like Green Zebra. Citrusy.

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Azoychka - it's among the earlier yellows, and also has the citrusy tang. Not for people who like sweet tomatoes.

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Carolyn has a list floating around somewhere, I think New Yorker and Wisconsin may be on it.

ddsack - Good to know about Azoychka, I am growing it for the fist time this year.

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