Transplanting large Phoenix roebelenii questions.

sputnikfarmJune 8, 2007

The previous owner of my house planted some pygmy date palms in 2 foot wide planters against the foundation in the front of the house. These plants are now much too large for the space and growing up into the eaves. I would like to to transplant them to the backyard. They are are multi trunked and the trunks are approx 6 foot tall, vegetation makes them 8 ft. How far from the base should I dig, and how deep? Any special handling advice? Do I want to use root stimulator after transplanting? Any other advice you might want to add?

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They will transplant easily, but you are going to need some help. The root ball for a Robelenii that size should be around 4' to 5' in diameter and they will weigh several hundred pounds.

Dig the new holes first! Make the holes 6' in diameter and around 3' deep. You are going to plant the palms high so they get positive drainage. Then dig the old ones out of the ground, with help, and put them in their new locations. Before you backfill, run a hose under the palm and fill the hole with water to get out any air pockets. Backfill with the water running, slowly pulling the hose out of the ground.

Water them daily for 2 weeks, then every other day for 2 weeks. Do not fertilize for 2 months after that.

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