Like big tropical looking foliage?

bahia(SF Bay Area)June 2, 2011

Not all that commonly seen in gardens here in the San Francisco Bay Area, although there are some big examples of this at both the UC Berkeley Botanic Garden and SF Botanic Garden. A roadside weed in southern Mexico, growing both in hot dry desert areas on the highway verge, as well as lush trees in the cloud forest of Oaxaca. Gorgeous huge clusters of blue flowers in bloom. Anyone else growing this? It is also an escaped weed in the north and east facing canyons filled with chaparral in Los Angeles County, maybe you've spotted this in bloom while driving on the freeway?

Here is a link that might be useful: Wigandia caracasana

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When I saw this title, I immediately thought of Wigandia! I love these plants! I wish I could find some (and even if I could, I dont think they would do so well on the humid and rainy mid atlantic coast (and of course they would have to be potted here since they cant survive the winter).
I think they are great plants for California! I would love to see some along the highways!

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Oooohhhhh, I think it's beautiful - where can I buy/trade for one?!!!

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Here's my 4 year plant that was a rather sickly little gallon plant..they don't seem to like root confinement in small pots. This year is it's first bloom.
If it's naturalized in soucal..then some must be pollinating and setting seed,I would guess.
Full size

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What a beautiful plant! Its one of those plants that California has that Florida cant! I would love to try those one day, but I know they would never do well in pots here.

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