Light green leaves and small brown spots

ania_caMarch 29, 2011

I will take a pic tonight. I just noticed this yesterday and didn't have time to take a pic.

We have had some really bad, rainy (pouring rain) weather here in southern CA lately.

I have several tomato plants that I planted out after I nearly killed them indoors by forgetting to water them. They were from a nursary, not started indoors by me. They had wilted to where I thought they were dead but they recovered with water and I planted them a week later when the weather was nice but mild.

Then came the bad weather a few days later. It's been cool and rainy with some nice days in between. I noticed that these plants were more light green than my other plants. The other plants were bought and planted a couple of weeks later and look great. Of course, I didn't almost kill those :)They had been lighter green for a couple of weeks but no spots.

The plants that are affected now have lot of tiny brown spots on them, mostly on the bottom leaves but on one plant everything but the very top leaves are affected. The growth tips appear to be getting greener now that the weather is warming up but the plants look pretty bad. The spots do not look moldy, raised or have any other discoloration and they are small. It has been rainy off and on until last Sunday.

I'm guessing this is something weather related and could it be weather related only or some type of disease? Will they grow out of it or should I pull them up and start over?

Do you think this is because the weather and stress beat the heck out of them or some opportunistic disease took hold when the plants were weak?

I'm wondering if there is a chance for them to recover. The weather will be in the high 70's to low 80's this week.


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Good question. I have the same exact problem. I am in South Orange County and my tomato plants have not been very happy with the recent storms. I tried to look up what the spots could be but all the pictures seemed to look the same to me. I am really hoping someone can shed some light on if this is due to weather or disease.

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dickiefickle(5B Dousman,Wi.)

you need to post a pic ,then I am sure some one will be of more help

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No pic yet....having a busy week. warmed up into the 80's this week and into the 90's yesterday and the plants are looking better. The newer leaves look more green and do not have spots on them.

My yellow pear got hit the worst and I don't know if it will survive but the rest may come around.

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Anita, yes I am in CA and my tomatoes were out in the weather also. About a half dozen young yellow pears spotted as you describe. I vaguely remember Carolyns Book saying Yellow Pear were suseptable to early blight, not sure because I dont have the book anymore. I spayed mine with something for early blight and all the new growth looks good. Good luck. Linda

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Septoria? Maybe this will help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Septoria

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