California Mango book.. circa 1910

stanofhFebruary 1, 2012

Years ago(1990's) at the local library I found a book about growing Mangoes in California. I remember it mentioned that they grow into small tree's,bushes in soucal. Jays pics of them much larger show me soucal has gotten a more Mango friendly climate since the early 21st century.

Anybody else ever come across this book? Sorry,cant remember much else about it. It was WAY ahead of its time.

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Thanks Mura! looking at the old literature..a great read is Pomona college's book. You can feel the excitement of early horticultural success("Mangos were first tried 30 years ago"). And they zero in on 'Manila' as a great Mango for California. I think other Californians here should check out that book. It also lists MANY varietys.

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They list some old cold hardy types that "should" be hardy enough for the central valley. Check it out..

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murahilin(10 fl)

Have you seen the other forum?

The older plant books are great. Florida has a lot of stuff from the past 40 years of fruit tree growing in the archives. Even older stuff like Fairchild's and Popenoe's books are really interesting reads too.

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