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pjt108(6)June 30, 2006

my son has a home in the turks and caicos islands (at the end of the bahamian chain of islands). My grand daughter wants to plant a garden outside her bedroom window.

I have been given many suggestions but they seem to be for more lush, humid tropical islands. This island is dry and arid. (I have no idea what zone it is either.)

Does anyone have any suggestions for this type of gardening.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Since the islands are within the tropics I'm sur e they would be considered at least zone 11. Should be able to grow most anything tropical. The big difference would be irrigation. There are hundreds of specie of dry tropicals that would fit right in.
I would check around locally to see what others are growing. What type of garden is desired and how much space
is available.??

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I can suggest some papaya plants. I have just one here in florida but it grows like wildfire! Its doubled in size in just 2 months and it hasnt rained here too much yet.

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annafl(z9b/10a Sarasota)

Off the top of my head, bouganvillea, variegated coral tree, clusia rosea, agaves, kalanchoes, many palms, combretum species, I'll keep thinking.

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How easy is it getting plant material there?

I'd look around and see what the locals use.

One of my favorite genus of plants are Aloes.

Check out My Page. I use a lot of Aloes in my yard. Tropical-ish and plenty xeric.


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Definitely plumerias.
Bougainvilleas, mangoes, sanveserias, sago palm, date palms(true date,canary island date, and senegal date), acacias, coral trees, sea grape, cactus, yuccas, agaves, pindo palms, borassus palms, washingtonia palms(california fan palms), coconut palms, crown flower, sand palm, queen sago, sea heliotrope, dragon trees, phormiums, adenium(desert rose), bromeliads (bromelia,dyckia,tillandsia),autograph trees, aloes, kalanchoes, pachypodium, pandandus, coontie(zamia pumila),many euphorbias, jade plant, aeonium, mediterranean fan palm, most ficus/banyans, zamia, guaiac/lignum-vitae, manilkara roxburghiana.

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I am new here to this web site and try to create a some what veggie/herbal garden in the USVI, I am doing ok with all my other tropical plants- bananas, papayas and others. I do have some problems with tomatoes, cucumbers, squash like pumkins and others. Herbs like basil do well here and at times I was able to grow even parsley- that surprised me. anyway I need some help since I relocated and my garden is on a gentle slope. Sowing seed into the ground is not working well- it works in the beginning- a heavy rain comes along and some top soil runs off, the soil contains a lot of clay as well- not very good. I guess a box garden will be more suitable. I'll try that next. My questions - how should I go about a box garden- (I have enough space) and what should I try to grow her in our climate?

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I need to know how much topsoil i will have to place down on my large (and somewhat rocky) garden for fruit trees & vegetables in the tropics on the island of Antigua. And do I call it topsoil or are there different types of soil that I should ask for ?

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