how do i decide which tomato seedlings to plant?

srg215(6b nj)March 29, 2012

i've got 20 good tomato seedlings w/4-5 true leaves each. planted 2 seeds per starter cell in 10 cells. now it's time to pot-up and separate the seedlings but i can't do it for all 20 since i have limited indoor space & light source. how do i decide which ones to use? what do i do w/the other good ones?

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Sell them on craigslist. Someone will surely pay you a few bucks per plant for your work.

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I have 45 7oz styrofoam cups with two plants in each with only the seed leaves so far. My dilemna is the three I have in the front yard today in the sun. Two Better Boys and one Orange Slice about 9 inches tall need potted up too. I dont know what size because its still 6 weeks till last frost here. I cant carry the big totes inside and if I put them in one gallon containers I'm afraid I will ruin them when I try to extract them in 6 weeks. Am thinking maybe 5 gallon buckets tho I really like a bigger container for ind tomatoes.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

how do i decide which ones to use?


You must have made some decisions when you selected what to sow seeds for based on what you thought might be best for you.

So stick with those and if you have room grow the others on to about 4 inches if you have room and want to and give them to neighbors, nursing homes, adult homes ( assisted living) and the like, who might be very glad to get them as gifts.


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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

A good temporary "pot" for donation plants is a 16 oz. plastic cup from Walmart or whoever's cheapest. Use kitchen scissors to snip 2 or 3 holes in the bottom edge for drainage.

I print up a slip of paper with the variety name and a brief description.

If you want to be extra-thorough, print easy tomato-growing info from a website.

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