How to propagate bird of paradise?

dazed77(6)June 2, 2005

I have had a bird of paradise for somewhere over a year. It has not yet produced any flowers. Would like to know how to propagate it if possible. I read somewhere that you have to divide the rhizomes. I checked the plant and I think I can identify where to divide it. It looks like it is partitioned.. but it is planted into the ground. How should I go about dividing it without disturbing the rest of the plant?

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Well Dazed, I'm confused... If it hasn't given you any flowers, why would you want to propagate it? The more you divide it up, the longer it'll take until it does bloom. Better to leave it undisturbed.

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Yeah I guess you are right. My mom refused to do anything to it anyway lol. She recently moved it from a different spot which I didn't know about.

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Dazed, I have one seed left from a pack of 4 my DIL sent from CA. I planted one in potting soil and got nothing. I soaked one overnight and planted it. Nothing! I nicked one and planted it and haven't seen anything. Funky looking seed too; reminds me of a tiny fish...dark brown body and reddish tail. Anybody got a suggestion for the fourth seed?

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Just keep the seed on a warm place not too much water just humid!!!!
And wait, it can start germinating from 6 weeks to up to 1 year.
So be patiences.

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wirtlo(z6 NV)

I ordered some White (Giant) Bird of Paradise seeds from an online seed supplier. I have six of them, and soaked them in hot water for 24 hours (I had them under a heat lamp). It's only been a week and it takes 30-90 days (so says the germination directions). Hopefully they come in thirty days.
I also found a little $1.50 4" plant that said "White bird of paradise" on it at Lowes but the tag says it's Strelitzia reginae. So I'm not sure which to believe (and it was the only one left). I decided to go try my luck at the other Lowes in town and they had 8" pots with three in each, and they were labled "tropical foilage" and I asked to see if anyone there knew if it was a BOP and they said it wasn't, but it looks EXACTLY like the little one I bought. Do the leaves look different when the plants get much bigger (like more wavy or anything?).

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Hi Wirtlo, I have a photo of the BOP that I have. Maybe someone else has an older plant?

Take a look:

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