Say a Little Prayer, Offer a Good Thought for Rosie...

sylviatexas1April 27, 2007

she may have parvo.

Rosie is the Weimaraner/Pit Bull mix puppy that I "rescued" from freecycle.

Freecycle rules:

"Items" must be offered with no strings attached.

I couldn't bear the thought of her being picked up by a breeder or someone who would use her for bait to train fighters, so I took her.

She's in the hospital now, with her brother Jasper for company.

all good thoughts appreciated.

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

How sad. Parvo is such a devastating disease. I hope your puppies make it. PJ

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denisew(z8 TX)

That happened to a puppy my husband and I adopted before we got married. We tried everything - even a blood transfusion, but it just wasn't enough. She has such a sweet face. I hope she makes it.

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Bev__(z7/8 TX)

How sad. She is so precious. Does Jasper have parvo too?
A lot of dogs do recover. Here's hoping she's one.

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

AWWWW, Look at her sweet face. I pray that she will get well. My best well wishes for Rosie.

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That IS a sweet face. Barb took the words right out of my mouth. Treatments have gotten better for parvo, or at least I think they have. I hope for the best for both of them.

Keep this in mind: Parvo lives in the soil, and can stay in th soil for 2 years, so if you plan to bring any more puppies or dogs home, make sure they are vaccinated before they come to live with you.


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Prayers for Rosie and for you. (((Sylvia & Rosie))) She looks VERY strong, Sylvia! :-)

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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

Hopes and prayers here for Rosie and Jasper. I know she got lucky when you found her, hopefully, her luck will hold out now too.


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Dena Walters

She is sooo cute..Im with bo she looks so healthy and strong!!
My prayers are with her and the whole faimly!
Keep us udated!

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thanks to all; please keep the positive energy flowing.

vet says she's about the same, keeps vomiting & has diarrhea, but they keep giving her fluids, & Jasper's okay.


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stitches216(8/9 Hou-Galv)

That face just melts your heart! I never would have expected that mix of breeds would be so adorable.

Dittos all the others' hopes for Rosie's best.

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Sally, about parvo in the soil:

The woman who posted on freecycle was a friend of the person who actually had the puppies.

That person, the woman who had the puppies with her, said that they belonged to her sister, but the sister had given away the rest of the litter, & wasn't getting anywhere with these 2, so she took over.

The sister who had the pups owned the mother dog & didn't intend to have her spayed, since she "always found homes for the puppies".

Last night I called the woman who had given me the puppies & told her the bad news & suggested that she contact the other people who had gotten puppies.

no response to that, just "I'm sorry she's sick."

so I tried again, how bad parvo is, etc.

She said,
"Oh, I know how bad parvo is.
I've had a puppy with parvo."

I'd bet $5 that Rosie got parvo from the soil where the mother dog's previous litter was kept.

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Oh, Sylvia that is so sad that people don't give a rat's toot about the animals, to bad we couldn't just take them away from someone like that.
I had a cat worth 200.00 and had the idea to make money on her kittens, bad mistake. Mother and kittens were fine but I worried as much as if she was my child and had her fixed afterwards. I didn't like it when she went into labor cause I couldn't do anything for her and she'd scream when one was being born.I worried if the kittens were going to be taken good care of by new owners, it was just to much for me so NO MORE for me once was to much.

I'm sending more prayers to Little Rosie.

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Don't you want to just grab people like that by the neck and just shake them to pieces? (Not talking about you, Barb, but the airhead that Sylvia was dealing with.) How sad for that poor mother dog. If it weren't for the fact that children would be born to someone like that, I almost wish she would keep getting pregnant over and over again and see how she liked it. But I wouldn't want to do that to any child. It just makes my blood boil.


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Poor babies, that is an adorable face. Hope she's continuing to fight. More prayers coming their way. Can't we consider that animal cruelty ? to keep on having puppies knowing that Parvo is in the soil ? Doesn't it stay viable for years ? I have little patience or respect for folks like them. Used to you could buy the puppy shots at places like Gebos for about $3. a vial, don't know what the price is now but it's something everyone thinking about having puppies should look into & learn how to give. GRRRR I'm like Sally, somebody slap some sense into them. Barb, you're a hoot but I can understand how you feel. Missy our Lab had an appt for Spaying but jumped the fence went to the neighbor's jumped his fence to play with his Great Dane. Later with 9 puppies we were both a wreck. I cried when each one got a new home & then cried when they were all gone cause it was so nice & quiet without them. Missy never liked small dogs after that, thought they might want to nurse I guess. Bev

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She's home!

I'm about to post another message, so read the story in "Texas Forum Power Works-Rosie's Home!"

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Dena Walters

Yea..she's home...
bev I felt the same way with my boxers more..had her spayed...I slept on the floor next to her bed for the first 10 days to make sure she didn't lay on them...concrete is hard as heck...but I too washed their blankets every day..and cleaned mommy's tits with warm water...and the about cry when they went to GREAT homes ohhh my..told more!! I cannot do that again, it was very traumatizing..LOL
I still have 2 if that says anything..LOL..I just could not get rid of all of them...but they are a hoot..I love them dearly..and get updated pictures from other parents, AND..the lil' girl I kept..she gets fixed next month!

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

That is wonderful news Sylvia. Hug's to you and Rosie
She is a beautiful dog.
A neighbor of ours had a Weimaraner
he was so cute. I was outside and he wanted to come see me and his moma kept telling him no but he kept on going and as he got closer he was getting lower to the ground, by the time he was nearly to me he was crawling.It was a funny sight of course I just had to pet him :)
Another neighbors dog would come over to see me every time he got outside, he'd make a bee line to our house right into our garage if I was in it.He was a lab.

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