Gathering rain water

dracaenagrower2009June 25, 2009

Hi, yesterday it was raining real bad so I decided that I would gather rain water. I sat outside for almost an hour. I cut in half a one gallon water container(I used the cut water container to gather rain water) and had two gallons to pour rain water into. after I was done the amount of water I collected filled up the two gallons plus, another gallon.

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You should get a rain barrel. If you look online you can get directions for building one yourself or there's many places that sell them.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Why get a rain barrel when you can make a water garden and run the downspouts to that. I keep 2100 gallons of RW lol. The downside is that since it's a watergarden can't use all the water especially with fish. What would be really hany would be a way to make it rain on your schedule not ma natures?? gary

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Gary I'd need 40' more attached to my downspouts to reach my bog and water gardens. lol

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I just got a rain barrel. It is not set up yet. I don't have gutters so I have to find a spot where water gushes off the roof. I also need to paint it a pretty color:)

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Mine took 35 feet ,went underground to the above ground pond overflow from this goes to the marshgarden Even with a moderate rain I get a spectacularly clear fishpond .
One thing I need to come up with is a bypass as after a 30 inch rain not only had fish in the kitchen but two blocks away. Was surprised by that as i only collect from about a third of the roof . Entire setup only cost 400 bucks , compare that to rain barrels ??been running since 82 but as a fish pond only since 98. gary

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

And of course you jackfruit, lychees, and mangos are nearby for a quick watering, eh?!! How about a couple of pics? J

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