thegardenzone(fl9b)June 18, 2008

I just purchased a 3 gallon guava plant from Walmart. There was no specific label to what type it was, has anyone had any experience with this plant, like what kind of fertilizer to use? Would avocado/citrus fertilizer work? Or know what kind they sell? thanx

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puglvr1(9b central FL)


Can you post a pic, I only have one and it is a Pineapple Guava. I know there are so many different varieties.

Are you planting it in the ground, or potted? Either way you can use slow release fertilizer. In my experience with my Pineapple Guava that is what I use. I buy the 9 month formula of "Dynamite" brand from home depot or W. mart. You can use the Dynamite brand inground and containers with no problems. I apply it in Feb. and I won't reapply again till next Feb. There are several formulas, you can use the green or red containers. If you plant in the ground you can probably use the citrus and apply according to directions. But I would not use that one for containers since it might burn the roots. Check first to make sure it is safe for containers. That's why I like to use the slow release, there is no overfertiling it or burning as long as used as directed.

here's a pic of my Pineapple Guava I planted Nov. 06.

I probably won't ever get fruits, as I was told later that this variety may not fruit here in my area(too hot)? But I still like the tree and it has flowered twice and I love the shape of the tree...Good luck with yours.

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here's a pic, thanx for the info

Here is a link that might be useful:

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