lancetilla mango question....

bfernJune 30, 2006

this is my first crop from my lancetilla mango tree. the tree was planted last year and is about 7 feet tall. three fruit are on the tree and they are huge. they each measure 9" long and 5" in diameter.

my question concerns timing the harvest. how do you tell they are mature enough to pick?

any help would be reatly appreciated.



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I noticed on my mango tree that after the fruit are large that they will ripen off the tree pretty fast. I would take one off and the fruit would be green and hard with some purple on top and white and sour inside. Then after 3-5 days of being off the tree it would turn yellow and red and become soft outside and orange and very sweet inside!

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I'm thinking about purchasing a Lancetilla mango tree as a "late in season" addition to my very small yard. I also have a 2 year old Nom Doc Mai mango tree of which I'm hoping to eat from this year. I was wondering how you like your Lancetilla fruit compared to other cultivars such as Glenn, Haden, etc. and also how tall has your tree grown? Are there things you may not be happy with with your tree? Thanks in advance!

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