mandevilla/insect problems

siobahnkJune 18, 2006

i recently recieved a mandevilla as a gift, and i have been having trouble finding any specific info on it. i'm getting flowers that are showing white spots on them that look like someone simply decided to rub off or erase some of the pink, and i wonder if that particular part of the flowers is not getting enough sun? i've also been having problems with pests, they just seem to love the insecticide i sprayed on them, i had no ants until i sprayed it, so now i have ants on top of red spider mites and aphids. can anyone recommend a good brand of insecticide? also i've got what looks like some more vines growing from the drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. i'm guessing maybe it needs repotted, and i've read that mandevillas like to be rather tightly potted, so i'm not quite sure what to do. i don't want to take it out to look if they are sensitive to being unpotted, if anyone has some experience with these plants i would really appreciate some advice.

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I know that there's aphids when I start seeing the ants. They eat the "dew" produced by the aphids. It's possible that the insecticide you sprayed caused the blooms to discolor. I don't use any type of insecticides but do use beneficial insects. I buy thousands of ladybugs and release them in the garden towards the evening on the plants that are succeptible to aphid infestation. They take care of the pests right away and lay eggs so I always have a good supply of ladybugs. I also rub off aphids when I see them without a ladybug nearby. Spraying with a hose a few times a day will help keep them in check too and my mandevillas love the extra water on their foliage and blooms. I also buy mantises for the larger pests.

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