Parks Whopper

foose4string(z7 MD)March 7, 2012

What are your opinions of this variety? Seems as though they are well liked, but how does it stack up against some of the other popular beefsteak varieties?

I'd gladly trade anything on my list for several Whopper seeds so that I may try it for myself. I know there is a dedicated exchange area, so I apologize up front for posting this here, but that area hasn't appeared to be very active lately.

My seed list

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

In my experience, it's not so large (6-8 oz. max?). Taste is nothing out of the ordinary.

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tylenol(z10 Ca)

I grew it for the first time last year and found it be a real great tomato. Produced a few at 12-14 oz's and ALOT at 10-12. My family and most of the neighborhood ranked it right at the top as far as taste. I highly recommend it !

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wertach zone 7-B SC

I plant them every year. They do very well for me and I like the taste. The reason that they do so well for me might be due to the fact that I live only 20 miles away from Parks Seed?

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It is a round red, not a beefsteak type. Out performs things like Celebrity and Better boy under favorable conditions.

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foose4string(z7 MD)

Thanks. Don't know why, but I was thinking it was a beefsteak. Thanks for setting me straight.

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For some reason, when I see the Parks catalog, glossy paper and so much BIGGER! AND BETTER! this and that, it starts to remind me of the National Enquirer. Too many explanation points makes me run the other way, like they are overcompensating.

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blufloyd(5 cent. il.)

Terrific no blight grows till hard freeze kills it. Best tomato I ever ate that looks like regular tomato. My neighbors plants are dead by August. Mine were green and growing end of October. Plants are getting harder to find and at least twice in last 5 yaers I am sure what I bought was not as labeled. I think Parks actually undercompensates on these.

Used to be organic version called OG50.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Plants are getting harder to find

blufloyd, Bonnie Plants has Park's Whopper as one of their varieties this year (though that doesn't guarantee they'd sell it in Illinois; for instance, they never seem to ship Porter's Dark Cherry to my area):

Here, I see their plants in the big box stores. This link will tell you the likely places to look in your area:

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foose4string(z7 MD)

Thanks for the replies. I was able to trade for some seeds. I see there are some mixed reviews of this variety, but most seem positive. I also realize that this forum is often heirloom-centric. So if hybrid variety "x" has good disease resistance, looks red and round, produces well, keeps well, and has less flavor than a Brandywine or Cherokee Purple, it's obviously not worth growing.(can you sense the sarcasm?) I just named two of my favorite tasting tomatoes, so I'm not hating on heirlooms. There are many good ones, but I have always had better luck with hybrids.

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Totally Tomatoes lists the Parks Whopper CR Improved Hyb. as being earlier and tastier than the original. I never had problems with the original version. When Burpee came out with their "Huge" Steak Sandwich variety a few years ago I planted 8 of them right next to the 8 Whoppers. I expected huge 2-3 lb. Steak Sandwich tomatoes but the Whoppers averaged a few ounces larger and out-produced the SS. That being said I just didn't plant any this year yet.

Regarding your suspect of heirloom bias- it probably does exist here but you got to learn to ignore it. I wouldn't grow heirloom tomatoes if my market customers wern't so enthusiastic about them. I think I am maxed out having started 165 varieties this year but it's the hybrids that I've planted for my first tunnel tomato planting-414 plants; they set fruit better in extreme conditions and the fruit is almost 100% marketable.

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