Uncles avocado

HawaiiFruitGrowerFebruary 11, 2013

Here's a pic if my uncles avocado tree!! The variety is unknown but it's the best I've ever eaten, it's a big fruit very buttery high oil content, my uncle moved into this house 55 yrs ago and the tree was already 40 yrs old so I guess this tree would be about 95 yrs old, it is about 40 ft tall( he trims it alot) right now it has a lot if blooms!

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johnb51(FL 10a)

If it's a seedling, it would be good to have someone graft it onto new rootstock. You might have a winning new variety on your hands!

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john, im pretty sure its a seedling, i have a few rootstock that im waiting for to mature so i can graft some budwood from this tree its a very good avocado for here in hawaii very buttery, kind of big, slight oblong shape, and very beautiful purple color. And thanks i will become a member on tropicalfruitforum, and thats to bad your sons dont have the same interest, im glad i have this hobby, it runs through my veins my whole family have an agriculture back ground and including a green thumb. For me its a learning process and very fun hobby that i hope to become my job in the future.

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johnb51(FL 10a)

Aloha. Good luck, Brennan! Both with the avocado variety and your future plans. My younger son, who is studying to be an engineer, says someday he wants to have a large enough place to grow most of his own food so I guess there's hope for him, although I might have to become his gardener-in-residence!

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