My Lychee Trees Update

bananafanFebruary 6, 2014

My Hak Ip is sending out a number of spikes that have buds on them. Sweetheart too is slowly showing up some buds. However, I'm disappointed with my Brewster this year. It bloomed beautifully last year, but now it's not even sending out any new flushes. My Mauritius is showing a lot of new flushes, but going no where. Mauritius is close to 10 years old and has never fruited. I wonder if it's a seedling and not an air-layered one as indicated by a local plant vendor who sold me the tree. The other lychees are all at least 6-7 years old.

Anyway, I decided to clip off some of the tips from my Brewster and see what it will do. I know this probably isn't the time to prune...., but I want to keep it manageable. If it's not flowering, I guess there's not much to lose there. I should also remember that Lychees are alternate bearers, so perhaps my Brewster is on its sabbatical.

How are your lychees doing? Are they in bloom already?

Here are some pictures of my Hak Ip and Sweetheart:

# 1 - Hak Ip's Bloom

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# 2 - Hak Ip's bloom

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My Sweetheart lychee is pushing out a lot of flower spikes. My Hak Ip is just starting to show a up coming flush of something, either growth or flowers.


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