Can you identify this?

JanCristoJune 25, 2011

I'm not sure if this is a tree or something else. It's leaves fold up at night, but are not sensitive to touch during the day. It has bright red flowers and then some bean-like seed pods. When I purchased it I was told that it was a Gallita de Panama. But after looking extensively on the internet, I cannot find anything. I have pictures available but do not know how to post them here.

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Many plants leaves fold up at night. It's called photonasty. Maybe it's a type of mimosa tree, a Pride of Barbados or a Royal Poinciana?

I post photos using an image hosting site like Photobucket or Picasa. If you use Photobucket I can tell you how to post.

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Karyn is right, as I saw a book that lists gallito as another name for poinciana (caesalpinia) pulcherrima.

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