Raja Puri Harvest

bananafanFebruary 6, 2014

My Raja Puri made it through this Winter with no damage on its fruit. Thankfully, no freeze down here this season. It's sure a long wait ... 4 months back (a third of a year), but it's worth waiting and I'm sure glad no disruption by cold weather conditions either. The fruit isn't too sweet; just a little tangy and acidic. It's just the right taste for me.

Here are some pictures:

#1 - Before harvest

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#2 - After harvest

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#3 - Close up

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#4 - Some of the skin split, so I peeled them up and serve them for breakfast with cereal.

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I am planning to have rajapuri this year.. but i don't have place in my yard. Planning to grow in container.

I read that it fruit in 9 months? is it so...?

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If you're planning to get one, I would recommend you to grow it in the ground. If planted in the pot, it will take a long time to fruit if it ever fruits at all ... In your planting zone, if you should decide to plant it in the ground, plant it close to your house. It helps to offer a little more protection in the Winter.

Raja Puri is one variety I know that will fruit readily when it's mature. It will take about 2 years for a newly planted Raja Puri to mature and to send out pups before fruit production. Once established, you can expect some banana harvest. Now in my yard, I've replaced all my other bananas with only Raja Puris.

Of course, I really would like to know from some of you here in the forum who have success with the other varieties. I've heard that Ice Cream is also cold hardy. I still have them in the ground. They have been there for 7 years already ... so far the growth rate is slow and they're barely thriving not to mention about the fruit production. Maybe there's a secret to taking care of them that I don't quite know yet. Other than that, I give the same fert (fish emulsion) to all my bananas. Those that fruit just respond well to whatever I gave them. Go figure!

Anway, I wish you well with your Raja Puri planting. I hope you'll have success planting them in zone 7.

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Bananafan- you did an excellent job! You made me remember my childhood. Thx for sharing your photos and expertise.


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