Questions about Acerola culture

Andrew ScottFebruary 17, 2011

I got my acerola today as a free tree with my 'Carrie' mango order from Plantogram. I have only had this fruit once in Puerto Rico. This was not a tree I would have paid for. I didn't think the fruit I ate was anything spectacular but a free tree is a free tree right!

I know very little about this tree. I remember the flavor being very sour and that was about it. I have read though that just one fruit can supply the fully daily amount of Vitamin C. For this, it may be worth growing.

I don't know anything about it's soil requirements. I am assuming that it isn't anything special but I didn't want to repot it until I knew for sure. The tree is around 2.5 feet tall. It honestly looks more like a bush than a tree.

Can anyone tell me how large it will have to be for it to flower and hold fruit? I did read that the fruits ripen in about 45 days. I am going to email Mickey and see if he can tell me what the variety is.

Is this tree vigorous? Should I expect it to grow at a pretty fast rate or not.

Thanks guys,


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It's pretty simple to grow. Just treat it like all of your tropicals. I don't think there are any different varieties of them. I believe they are pretty much always grown from cuttings. Yours should be fruiting size now. Mine started fruiting when it was an 8 inch twig.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

There are different cultivars....but because the fruits are, as you say, less than spectacular, there hasn't been a lot of selection done. There are varieties that are sweet when they are ripe....kind of. Birds love them a whole lot more than I ever did. Mine got yanked by Hurricane Wilma and I did not replace it. They bloom and bear when they are small trees. It grow fairly slowly, as I recall, and I would think it would be a good candidate for container growing. BTW, Sheehan (Murahilin) thinks its a great tasting fruit.....need I say more??


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murahilin(10 fl)

The acerola is one of the best tasting fruits. I can clean out an entire tree by myself. There are some cultivars that taste better than others though. Jeff has a pretty good tasting one. I used to have one at my mom's house but it wasn't a good cultivar so I cut it down. The USDA in Hawaii has a few different varieties that are supposed to be pretty good. I plan on getting some cuttings from them to try and propagate this summer. The most common named variety usually found in FL is the 'Florida Sweet'. If you did in fact get a named cultivar that would probably be it.

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to me they taste like an under ripe northern cherry, i would like to try "Florida sweet" Ive heard of this cultivar before.

I grow mine in gritty mix, It is a bonsai specimen, not a fan of the fruit but its beautiful inconspicuous flowers and small fruit make it an excellent bonsai

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Of the various varieties of the fruit; can you recommend a certain "sweet" cultivar other than "Florida Sweet", and your tips on rooting the cuttings? Appreciate your advice...


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ohiojay(z6 OH)

And the REASON Sheehan could "clean out an entire tree" by himself is because there would be NO ONE else he would have to compete with!! The "KEY" to Sheehan is his love of sour fruits.

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Jay that is funny that you say that because my mom loves sour fruits and puts kosher salt on everything even pommelo! It's a cultural thing... I like the sweet-as-candy fruits like pineapple myself...

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