Bougainvillea dying?

kikisdeliveryserviceJune 12, 2013

Hi I potted my new bougainvillea and already its dropping a ton of leaves? Am I over watering it? I have been watering it every other day because it isn't established yet. I placed rocks on the bottom because I heard they don't like to have wet feet. Should I return it? Or am I just over watering it or under watering it?

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Difficult to tell just from a written description. But it does sound like over watering. Generally they're very hard to kill (I know because I'm trying to get rid of some, LOL). They can take a lot of drying, and they like good strong full sun. And they don't have high fertiliser requirements.

Just a normal repotting doesn't require extra water provided the soil remains moist. Make sure the soil doesn't get soggy.

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A change in environment can easily cause leaf drop. I had the same thing happen to mine a few weeks ago when I put them into the sun too quickly. As long as conditions are good, new leaves will sprout soon. Be patient and don't do anything drastic unless you are certain something bad is going on.

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Thanks any idea how often I should water it:? Its a little confusing for a new gardener because they say water it very little but they also say water newly potted plants ALOT.

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What they should also say it that it depends on what the soil's like. If you have a water retentive soil (that's not so good anyway) you should go easy on the water and make sure you're not over doing it. If the water drains straight through then it would be difficult to over water it even if you watered quite frequently. If you poke a wooden skewer down into the soil you should be able to tell from it if it is wet. Then adjust your watering accordingly.

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