NEW: June ~Cracked Pot Gardner's~ Propagation Swap-Sign ups

galiumMay 17, 2009

Cracked Pot Gardner's is a Plant, Bulb, Seed, Cuttings, etc. and Gardening Supplies Swap. The Hostesses for this group are Michelle (micyrey) and Mariann (galium). We started this group to increase our plant collections and share with others. Plus the enjoyment of chatting with other gardeners.

We are taking sign ups for our Propagation Swap until May 30th. This swap will consist of at least 5 different varieties of plant material for propagation. These items may include cuttings, seeds, bulbs, corms, rhizomes, etc. We would like to suggest that cuttings be the main focus. If you have seeds, bulbs, etc., to swap, discuss this with your partner. Over the next couple of weeks we'll be posting information regarding the different types of propagation and plants best suited for this. We'll include propagation tips and we enjoy hearing tips from our members. Please post a list of plant material that you have to swap and what you're looking for. It's important to chat with the partner, that Michelle sets you up with. This way you'll both be happy with this swap.

We always encourage new members to join. However, you must send your end of the swap first and follow all of the rules.
Please read the rules if they are not followed you will not be able to swap with us again. We know that sounds a bit harsh but we've have several member's who didn't follow through, with their end of the swap, last year.


~Email your address to the person sending to you.

~If you are new, to this group, you need to send your box first.

~All plants and bulbs must be sent priority mail with a confirmation #.

~Post to the group when you send, including the DC#.

~Post when you receive, we need to know that you've received and enjoy hearing what your partner sent.

~Boxes must be sent no later than June 25 th. If you are new send early enough so that your partner can send to you by June 25th.

~If anyone has any questions or problems arise with sending on time please contact Michelle (micyrey) or myself Mariann (galium)

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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

I'm in!
If anyone has scented geranium cuttings to share or Lady Banks rose cuttings, that would be great. I will be back to add some others that I can share and that I would like. I know that I can send rosemary cuttings - will take a pad out to my garden one day this week and jot down more ideas.

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I'll join in. I like the idea of cuttings as someone might be willing to send something that they don't want to try to root.


Here is a link that might be useful: Fleur de Leigh Gardens

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Marrian help comp dead doing this on dhs phone call me will be off line for this week michelle

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Hi, I would like to join. I have swapped with this group before last fall but I would be more than happy to send my end of the trade to my partner first.


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Frances Coffill(7b)

Hello Cracked Pot Gardeners!
I am not sure yet if I will be able to participate in June, things are still a bit unsettled around here.Will let you know a little closer to the end of the month of that is ok.

Jeanne, I will be pruning my Lady Banks in the next week or so. I have both white and yellow.


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Libby-Welcome to Cracked Pot Gardner's!

Looks like we've got a great start on sign ups! Welcome back everyone.

Looks like Michelle is having a little trouble. I'll give her a call later.
Have a great day

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sred98(z7 OK)

I am still trying to figure out what I would be able to send. I know I will have some pomengranate to send. These are cold hardy to at least zone 7, and bear fruit. I do not know the cultivar. I'll see what else I have.

I'll join, and figure something out! LOL!


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Shelly-House Plants/Tropicals and Annual bedding plants are propagated too. I love Begonia's and some can be propagated by stem cuttings. I know Michelle loves Coleus. We'll find something for you!

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What I thought I'd do is post some Tips every couple of days prior to the swap. Some of us have done a lot of propagation using stem cuttings others of us haven't. So I'll just start at the beginning and we can each pick up what we need. I'd like to encourage everyone to post some of their own techniques that work for them.

Collection Of Cuttings

~The type of plant material we'll be working with, for stem cuttings, are softwood cuttings. Basically this is new spring growth. The types of plants these can be taken from are Alpines, hardy and half-hardy perennials, shrubs, climbers and greenhouse plants.
~Cuttings are best taken in the early morning when plants are turgid or filled with water. Later in the day plants tend to wilt more quickly.
~I use a pair of sharp scissors or a sharp knife which won't crush the stems.
~When taking cuttings make sure that you give your partner at least 3 leaf nodes to work with. In the case of opposite leaves it would be 3 sets of nodes. These are the areas where the leaf grows from the stem.

~As soon as I make the cut I drop the cutting into a container of water. If not the cutting will start to wilt immediately even if you can't see it happening. You'll need to give your partner at least 2 cuttings from each plant.

Hope this was helpful.... Next tip will be how to prepare cuttings for shipping.

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I have not participated in this group but I have with the MNF group. I wouldn't mind sending my box first either. You can count me in on this one. I would love to find some Zephirine Drouhin rose cuttings.


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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

A beautiful day here so I looked over the things in my garden that I could send as cuttings. Once I get matched with someone, we will see what you might like. Possibles include: Dusty Miller, chrysanthemum, lantana (sort of a golden yellow), lemon balm, bee balm, rosemary, oregano, mints (several types), hidden ginger, Chinese Snowball Viburnum, forsythia, pothos (usually a house plant), and several types of roses (The Fairy, Crystal Fairy, Veilchenblau, and Crepuscule.) I also have several types of unnamed azaleas and camellias. I took cuttings of lavender and geraniums a few weeks ago so if I get some luck, I can send a newly rooted cutting of each of those.
I'll bet I can find a few more as well.
I would like to try cast iron plant, brugmansia, coleus, mahonia, ficus, scented geraniums (or other geraniums), Lady Banks or other simple to grow roses, sweet potato vine, and mums if someone has those to share. I'll bet there might be lots of things I have not thought of that I would like to receive as well. Please, nothing that is very invasive.

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I would like to join in but cuttings are a little confusing for me. I have always sent plants, not cuttings. I have plenty of plants in my gardens but not sure if they can be successfully propagated from cuttings. As far as bushes go, can I do cuttings from forsythias or dogwoods. Mariann, would you be willing to go through a list of plants I could send you and let me know if they are candidates for cutting? Once I know what I am doing and can be successful at it, I will be more comfortable joining. I do have sedums and if I am not mistaken, these are plants that cuttings will be successful.

I would appreciate any help and thanks, Margo

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Margo-I am going post lists and plenty of information for you. You'll be making cuttings and propagating them in no time! If you'd feel more comfortable emailing me a list of your plants and I can tell you which one's can be propagated by cuttings that's fine too.
~Perennials and Annuals
Penstemon barbatus (varieties)
Adenophora lilifolia-Ladybells
Asclepias tuberosa (terminal shoots)
Campanula glomerata (stems after flowering)
Campanula percifolia
Dianthus caryophyllus (annual)
Dianthus plumarius (perennial)
Dicentra spectabilis (after flowering)
Erigeron hybrids-(shoot tips before flowering) Fleabane
Eupatorium colestinum-Mist-Flower, Hardy Ageratum
Fuchsia x hybrida

I compiled this list with the help of 'Manual Of Herbaceous Ornamental Plants' by Steven M. Still.

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well I think I have this new computer set up now, I do have a new e-mail now so please don't use the earthlink one.
I have a propigation book I will go through it and make up a list of plants it has a easy to root to add to marianns, thanks mariann you so much for the group.
I will also go through my garden and make a list of what I have to send.

oh in case I didn't already say it I want to be in this swap

see ya

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sred98(z7 OK)

I'll tell you something that I have been looking for in the stores, and can't find anywhere...the lime green sweet potato vine! Where the heck is it?!? All that is around here is the plain green, almost looks like pothos! And then the black. I know that roots well from cuttings, so if anyone has it...I need it! LOL!

I'm also looking for French Pink and Black Pussy Willow.

Mariann-thanks for the propagation tips!

Smitties-dogwoods, forsythias, and sedums are all really easy to root from cuttings, so they would work well!

I know I've got a few sedums and some houseplants.


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my list of plants I have for cuttings :
--angel wing
--dragon wing
sweet potatoe vine
--I'll check the colors
pink hardy geranium
purple lilac
burning bush
--tall pink
--tall dark red
--creeping dragons blood
--creeping blue spruce
--creeping NOID large leaf
butterfly bush
bouganvilla red
beautyberry bush
dwarf japanese lilac
trumpet vine orange
clematis purple
passion vine
ornamental cherry
weeping cherry(don't know if they still weep if propigated from cuttings)
when you take your cuttings remove most of the leafs if they are large leafs they can be cut in half or you can leave that to your partner.
please remeber to sprinkile the cuttings with rooting hormone before you wrap them, and pack them a LITTLE wetter that you would for a plant, just be sure to put a good plastic wraping around and don't have them dripping,
a soggy box will not be delivered it will be dumped by the PO.

when you get your cuttings a good way to root them is to use a plastic tub with a lid or cover it with plastic. put in vermiculite or seed starter mix keep moist not soggy, and keep the lid mostly on. be sure to give them time some are slow to root. I lights are not nessary for rooting.

well I have to go

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Hi, I've not been involved with any of the swaps in this group, however I have been involved with a number or RR's including IE, IH and the other cuttings swap - oh what fun that was...and I'm hooked. I would love to join and I understand that I will need to send my items first, which is not a problem. Not sure if this swap is only for non edibles, but I have both edibles and non edibles listed below if someone is interested.

Anyway, here are my lists....
Items I have....

Corkscrew Willow
Fuchsia Cuttings-
-Dark Eyes
-Blue Eyes
-Indian Maid
-Red Spider
Kiwis - Male & Female - coming up on the perfect time to take cuttings from them.
Pinot Noir Grape - These root very easily and I can actually send rooted cuttings if someone would like.
Stevia - AKA Sugar Plant - Have already rooted cuttings and can take more cuttings.
Pineapple Sage
Spring Bouquet Viburnum
Euonymus - Emerald Gold
Euonymus - Canadale Gold
Green Mountain Boxwood

Things I'm looking for...

Clematis - purples, reds, blues
Butterfly bush
Burning Bush
Dogwood - Red Twig
Dogwood - Yellow Twig
Fuchsias I don't have
Weigela - Pink Flowering
Weigela - Red
Weigela - Variegated
Japanese Holly
Flowering Viburnums
Fragrant Viburnums
Euonymus - ones I don't have - Verigated etc.


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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

Hi, Toni - Glad to see you joining in! I think most of us know you from GardenWeb.
Toni is a great GardenWeb member and sure has a great GardenWeb name!
I realized after I posted my list the other day that I also have kerria japonica that I can send as a cutting. It has rooted for me several times and is an easy to grow plant.
I see lots of great cuttings listed by Michelle and Toni. I will keep watching my garden and seeing what else I can offer. I know there are plants out there that I haven't even thought of in terms of cuttings.

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Toni-We are happy to have you with us this month. Edibles are fine and you have some great ones!

*IMPORTANT-I'd like to stress that we are doing mostly Softwood Cuttings. Before you list be sure that your plants can be propagated that way. If you would like to try root and leaf cuttings check with your partner before sending.

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Here are some of the plant cuttings I have to offer:

Asclepias tuberosa 'Hellow Yellow' (Butterfly Weed)
Buddleia davidii 'Pink Delight' (Butterfly Bush)
Sedum 'Frosty Morn'
Sedum 'Mediovariegatum'
Sedum 'Purple Emperor'
Sedum kamtschaticum (need to check on this)
Clematis (need to look for the name)
Rosa rugosa 'Hansa'-Wonderful fragrance!
Monarda 'Blue Stocking'
Penstemon 'Mystica'

I'm sure I have more but I need to look at the plants. They may not be big enough for cuttings.

What I'm looking for will have more:
Hydrangea 'Endless Summer' (Have 'Blushing Bride')
Hydrangea a. 'Annabelle'
Hydrangea 'All Summer Beauty'
Hydrangea 'Pink Diamond'
Hydrangea 'Unique'


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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

Just so my future partner will know, I will send any type of propagation material from my garden to you that you would like - hardwood, softwood, leaf, tuber, rhizome, bulb, etc. We can discuss by e-mail and compare notes. The more types the merrier as far as I'm concerned! (However, I have never tried root cuttings, if my partner can give me instructions, I'm game to try that, too.)
Everyone has listed great things so far. I'm sure we will all be happy with this swap.

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Just checking in to say "hi" quick before heading out of town for the weekend. Sorry I haven't posted much here, it's been a busy, busy week! I will be back on Monday to catch up on all the posts. Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!!


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I looked through my list of plants and this is what I have for now.

'Davids Lavender'
'Nora Liegh'
'Orange Perfection'

Eupatorium-Joe Pye Weed or Ageratina
'Little Joe'

Magenta color

'Huskers Red'


'Nikko Blue'
'Glowing Embers'

Physostegia Virginiana

Campanula 'Cherry Bells'

Pink ruffle NOID
Creamy butter standards and purple falls NOID
Bright yellow NOID
white old fashion
Artimisia 'Limelight'

Creeping Speedwell-blue

'Raspberry Wine'
Pink dwarf-pink

Veronica alpina 'Alba'(dwarf)

'Blue Spruce'
'Bronze Carpet'
Tiny needle like deep red NOID

I will check outside later and see if there is anything else I want to add to my list.


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hi everyone
accualy hardwood cutting are to be taken in the late fall early winter, and make your cuttings big enough for the ricipient to get a good start from them, it takes several leaf nodes and 3 or 4 steme cuttings of each plant is best becous some just don't root.

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Thank you for your kind comments Jeanne :) I'm so excited to be a part of this swap. DH and I went out and about looking at plants today...found lots more that I'd love to have lol. And looking through the lists above...they all look so inviting hehe.


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Hi everyone, and happy Memorial day weekend!!!!

I would love to join in :0) I'll have to go out to the garden and make a list of what I have to trade.

Have to run.....


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Please put me on the thinking list. I will let you know and post before the 30th.
All the list look so inviting I just have to WANT to join lol. Ya'll know I love this group, lol. I am such a Cracked Pot LOL.

OK, well I need to be getting back outside I have lots to do and so little time, I just came in for a break. It isn't really hot out today but it sure is humid! The least little thing you pour sweat!


:) Fran

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Hi Everyone and Happy Memorial Day!!
We are back in town now, it feels good to be home! I am way behind on the posts and I will catch up later. Now I have to get out in the garden, lots of seedlings to get planted (you know how it is!!) :-)

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!!

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I'll try and post more a little later. Have a busy day ahead of me.

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how is everyones gardens doing? with all the rain mine is growing like weeds, well alot of the growing is weeds, I have not been able to get out to pull weeds in a few days and that is all it takes.
I wanted to post a sign-up list
players for june
1. galium
2. micyrey
3. dieg01991
4. mommyto2
5. dirtdiggin
6. antiqueorchid
7. sandlapper-rose
8. sred98
9. smitties

  1. skyblueskies
    if I missed anyone please let me know, of if there is anyone that has changed their minds and dose not want to play anymore, it is a pain when someone gets partnered up then decides not to send.

well the boys are out of school for the summer, and I just hope they don't drive me nuts, well nuttier.

see ya all later

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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

Yes, we are getting lots of rain, too. It's nice to see everything growing so well and being so green... but you are right - the weeds are growing more this year, too. LOL


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Hello and Happy Wednesday!
I decided to take a night off from the garden and make myself sit down and get caught up on the posts! Whew, what a busy week it's been!! I am exhausted. I got all of my winter sown veggies planted and have moved most of my plants outside for the summer. Next I will start to work on planting my new tropical/annual garden, that will be fun!! Then I have a whole bunch of plants that will need to be repotted. Lots of work, I think I need to take a week off of work! LOL ;-) Wouldn't it be great if everyone got the summer's off like the kids do from school!? Oh what a dream that would be.

Happy Birthday to you Michelle.

As for my list. I have a bunch of stuff posted on my trade page, it's pretty up to date. I will try to get out in the garden this weekend and add more stuff. Then I will post a list here for all of you to drool over! LOL

I'm loving the tips on propagation so far. I would love to hear about the methods people use to rooting the cuttings. Last year, I made myself a couple of propagation boxes. I took clear plastic storage containers and put a couple of inches of a mixture of peat and perlite in the bottom. Then as I get cuttings, I dip them in rooting hormone and stick them in the box. I keep the mixture moist and the lid on the box. This works pretty well for most softwood cuttings. But the hardwood cuttings just seem to rot and/or mold. Any tips for the more difficult cuttings would be greatly appreciated. Here are pictures of my propagation boxes from last fall...

Good night

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Amy-Your propagation boxes are great!!! Look at all those cuttings. Don't know what time of the year you were taking the hardwood cuttings. The cuttings are taken during the winter a few weeks after leaf fall. They are planted outside in rows or in cold frames. You still use rooting hormones. I use individual containers for my cuttings. It's very damp, where I live, because of all of the mature trees. Sometimes my cuttings get moldy so I have to keep them separate. The only things I don't separate are AV leaves. After much trial and error I found this works best for me. I really enjoy seeing what other members come up with when propagating cuttings. Very clever!

Does anyone need anymore lists of plants that can be propagated from softwood cuttings?

Just wanted to say that bulbs, rhizomes, etc. are all great to swap also.

When Michelle posts the partner list. We'll post more information. Especially on tips for preparing cuttings for shipping. During the month we'll also post info. on propagating cuttings. We hope that everyone who signed up will post tips also. So many of us are just a wealth of information!
Have a great day

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

I had very good luck with dormant hardwood cuttings, using two different methods. The first method was using a clear water bottle and perlite. You can also use perlite/vermiculite mix, but I really like the white so you can see the roots better. The clear sides allow you to see the roots as they begin to form.....

Rooting hormone was used on all of the hardwood cuttings and they were taken early Spring before any signs of growth.

The other method I used was wrapping each individual cutting in moist paper and placing them in plastic ziplock bags....

I did a whole lot of experimenting and have lots of grapes started this way. Just have to get them all potted up. This particular method works very well with fig cuttings as well, which you can find at But after experimenting with it, I found that these two methods were the best for the cuttings I had. Some worked very well with larger 2 liter pop bottles and the tops cut off and then put back in after the cuttings were placed. It made them a nice little greenhouse and then the cap can be taken off so air can circulate. This kept them moist, but not too moist.

After another experiment, I found that the clear bottle method works beautifully with soft fuchsia cuttings, so it isn't just a method for hardwood cuttings. I'll have to get a pic of the 4 of 4 rooted cuttings I have from fuchsias. And a pic of one of my baggies of rooted grape cuttings.

From what I understand, Kiwi is very difficult to start from dormant cuttings, but this method worked quite well for me as you can see the roots on the above cuttings. They recommend late Spring to early Summer softwood cuttings for Kiwi, so maybe rooted cuttings will be even more promising.


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Toni-Thank you for that wealth of information! Love hearing about your experiments. Pictures were a great finishing touch. Did you leaving the cuttings outside in the bottles? How about the hardwood cuttings in the bags where did you keep them until they rooted? Jeanne told me that she uses perlite for cuttings too. I use to use vermiculite too but it's difficult to find around here. I use seed starting mix for my softwood cuttings. Sometimes I use Jiffy 7's because it's easy to see the roots poking out of them.

I still need to post an updated list for cuttings I have. I came down with bronchitis and haven't been able to walk up to my holding beds. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Fran-Sweetie are you still in thinking mode???LOL You know we love to have you swap with us.

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dirtdiggin(8b NW WA)

Mariann - Oh you are so welcome, I love sharing my experiences and there is so little info on this on the interent, with any form of detail.

As far as the place I kept them, due to the time frame with Early Spring, I put the cuttings indoors. Really wasn't sure if they should be warm or cold, but I figured if I'm trying to root them from dormancy, they need to be coming out of dormancy. My assumption was correct on these particular items. I can't say on other woody cuttings, but I prefer the quicker method (in warmth) than the unknown "stick them in the ground" method. They ended up starting green growth, before the outdoor items did. I've actually heard that, depending on the HW cuttings, keeping them warm helps the root growth, so they were in my upstairs bathroom at about 70 degrees constant.

Now I'm testing out the softwood cuttings...oh it's so much different! But the bagging method works beautifully with that as well. I have 3 English Laurel cuttings in baggie method and 3 English Laurel cuttings in perlite method. The baggie method has roots EVERYWHERE! And I do mean EVERYWHERE!!! They are growing roots over the entire stem! 3 out of 3 are growing roots. The perlite/bottle method is just starting to get root buds, but isn't showing alot of promise. 2 of the cuttings have died off, so I'm awaiting the growth of roots on one of the 3 cuttings. I'm kind of getting a feel from the type of plant (that I can't explain it) as to which type of rooting method to use for which type of plant. Some seem to do beautifully in the perlite and bottle method and others do better in the baggie method. I suppose it's just keeping notes on each type of plant.

Wanted to point out on the propagation boxes above, the only thing lacking is a plugged terra cotta pot to dispense moisture. I've included a link below for one on GW. While they are beautiful, they need the moisture. Check out Easy Propagation Chamber on GW and you'll see what I mean.

This is so fun....Thanks so much for the fun....


Here is a link that might be useful: Easy propagation chamber

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I wasn't all that sure IF I was going to be able to join, but I guess it is ok.

Buddleia davidii 'Honeycomb' (Butterfly Bush)
Sedum 'Carpet Star'
Sedum 'Mediovariegatum'
Sedum 'Purple Emperor'
Sedum 'Makinoi' (Salsa verde)
Sedum 'Coral Reef' this will be a smaller piece
White Spirea
Flowering Almond Bush
couple of daylilies if anyone is interested in those
Salvia 'May Hill'
Salvia 'Blue Night'
Common Thyme

That is all I can think of right now, if my partner wants anything else we can discuss it before we exchange ok?

I just hope I can successfully root some stuff I am not that great at it, as a matter of fact I have some stuff in to root now that has been in there a while and STILL is just sitting there. ANYWAY, I am looking forward to this one. I am one of those who will be needing LOTS of guidance Mariann!

:) Fran

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fran it is great that you decided to join becouse Smitties decided she can't so we'll still have an evan number.

players for june
1. galium
2. micyrey
3. dieg01991
4. mommyto2
5. dirtdiggin
6. antiqueorchid
7. sandlapper-rose
8. sred98
9. ncgardengirl

  1. skyblueskies

I'll post partners on monday night

I tried rooting in florest foam and most all the cuttings rotted, I might try it again and keep them a little dryer.

well see ya all soon

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Margo-Thanks for letting Michelle know. I'm sorry you wont' be joining us. Hope all is well with you.

Fran-Yeah!!! Michelle and I will be posting lots of stuff. Plus our other members have great ideas to share. I'm all for trying something new.

Toni-I plant my cuttings in small containers and put those in a food storage bag. I gather up the ends and blow in it to puff it out. Then I tie it with a baggie tie. This has worked great for me. It's like a little greenhouse. The only problem I have is fungus. I do sterilize the mix in the oven first and that helps. My DH is so patient with me he knows when I'm cooking potting mix.LOL

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HI Ladies!!

I finally went outside to get a list of what I can take cutting from, but since it started to rain I only got a partial list. I have:

butterfly bush bicolor and a lavender one
sedum matrona, autumn joy, autumn fire and jelly beans
phlox david and a pink unknown one
salvia black and blue, mystic spires and a couple of cuttings from blue angel
hibiscus white, pink and luna pink swirl
pineapple sage
coleous hanna, alabama sunset, cherokee sunset, gay delight, sedona, big red ruby, several others
fuchias noid very double pink/white and pink/purple
flowering maple (abutilion) yellow, white, deep red and gold dust
hydrangea annabelle, raspberry parfait, varigated one and some others
begonias angelwing, dragon wing and a double flowered one
mini roses several colors
mint chocolate, lemon thyme

I also have a BUNCH of WS babies that are forming buds.

Great propagating tips everyone! I don't really have any good tips since I just put my cuttings in a pot and cover them with a ziplock back turned inside out so I don't have to put any sticks to hold the bag open.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!


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Hello everyone-Hope you all are having a good weekend. We've finally had a sunny day. Today is suppose to be just as nice. I'm really tired of all this rain. Everything is so muddy it's hard to work in the soil.

Michelle-Should be starting a new thread soon with the partner's listed. We'll also post info on preparing cuttings for shipping. Appreciate any tips that work for you!
Have a great day

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sandlapper_rose(Zone 8)

Thanks for the planned tips for propagating. I am looking forward to trying some new methods with this swap.

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Here are a few more I can add to my propagation list.

*Persicaria microcephala 'Red Dragon'
*pink brugmansia-(1)cutting
*Curly willow-(2)rooted cuttings
*Hens and Chicks
*Fernleaf bleeding heart seedlings
*Hardy hibiscus

I think that is it for now.


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Ya'll pray for Shelly to completely recover soon,
I just got this email from her in regards to the 100 Limit Plant swap so THAT is the swap she is referring to missing BUT I wanted you all to know so you can put her on your prayer list here is the full email:

Copied from Hotmail email to me/Fran-ncgardengirl:
I just got out of the hospital, I went in this weekend...friday or saturday, I don't remember. I am still on bedrest, so I am not able to dig or drive right now. I am sorry I am just now getting to tell you, but I had no one to sign on earlier to tell you.
I have severe bronchitis, dehydration, partially collapsed lung, dehydration and kidney infection. There are a few other things that they don't know what is wrong, but that is the list, for now.

Sorry if I am not making sense, I am not supposed to be out of bed, and I am on pain medication.
Again, I am really really sorry. I was looking forward to the swap.


Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers, she is one sick lady at the moment and I am sure positive thoughts and prayers for her will help her heal quickly.

:) Fran

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Michelle will be starting the new thread today. I promise to post info about packing and shipping cuttings. I've been just a little under the weather lately.

Shelly-My thoughts are with you as you recover from your illness.


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