vietnamese sugar apple?

irun5kFebruary 7, 2012

Over the weekend I bought a "vietnamese" sugar apple tree. I am not 100% clear on cultivars for this species but what I had set out to buy was what called "sweetsop" when I lived in Hawaii.

I was told these are definitely green and not red. She had both "traditional" green sugar apple trees as well as the vietnamese ones. She told me she personally prefers the vietnamese ones on taste/texture/etc. and I decided to buy it based on that, and the fact that I liked the looks of the trees a little better. She described the taste as closer to an Atemoya.

However I was curious to find the actual cultivar name because I'm a geek and like to read up on genetic details... but I actually can't find anything online anywhere about a vietnamese sugar apple. Anyone have any insight here?

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murahilin(10 fl)

Was the tree you bought grafted?

If it is grafted, she may have just bought one of the Thai varieties and called it Vietnamese. Or, maybe there is a grafted vietnamese variety.

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It is a seedling. Even though sugar apples are deciduous here, the vietnamese ones seemed to hang on to more of their leaves. Obviously it is feeling the effects of the season but it didn't look as bad as the other variety being sold.

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I've never heard it called 'Vietnamese' before. But, there is a different cultivar of the green sugar apple which is popular among the Vietnamese folks and which has a firmer, atemoya-like consistency. Personally it's my favorite sugar apple. The fruit is actually a yellow-ish color when ripe - a bit more yellow than the regular green sugar apple.

You made the right choice. That one is the best. It's also true to seed.


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Ohh - The way you eat those is by peeling off the skin and eating the inner white flesh that's left behind. With the regular sugar apple, the flesh is way too sloppy to do this.


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Ah, thanks... I think that has to be it! Glad to hear you like it as well.

She also mentioned when they show up for sale at asian markets and other places, they go for $8/lb.

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