Chinese Jujube--feedback needed

bananafanFebruary 26, 2013

I'm interested in planting a Chinese jujube and wonder if any one of you here have a tree to show. I'd like to plant it close to the house and wonder about its aesthetic value. I will also be concerned if it will shed a lot of leaves.

So, if you a Jujube tree, it would be nice to hear from you.

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my parents have jujube (date) trees. they start off very vertical and branch out a bit, sometimes they'll lean. they're very prolific, sending out new trees from their roots, which spread all over the yard.

they lose their leaves in the fall. but not quite as large in volume as a maple tree.

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Thanks for your feedback. I didn't know they spread themselves out that way. This means I would have to be careful if I don't have a lot of space for them to spread. I wonder if they also spread through their dropped fruit.

I appreciate for your info here. If anyone here has picture of your tree to share, it would be helpful.

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these are the only pics i could find.

original 2 trees that my parents got from one of my mom's uncles about 30 years ago. they have about 10 more trees around the yard, and each year they dig up a few small trees about 2' tall and give them to friends. on the right of the pic along the fence we used to have a chicken pen, and had several large jujube trees along the chicken pen, you can see one of the stumps.

i was taking a pic of my dad's kumquat but the jujube is next to it on the right side of the pic, its several years old and about 15' tall. in the background (right side) you can see the trunk of one of the original trees. and on the bottom left you can see a small jujube tree sprouting out.

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Thank you so much for sharing pictures of the jujube tree. It's a beautiful tree. I didn't know their branches grow so low .. almost close to the ground. Is that how they propagate themselves, or is it through the fruit they drop?

So, what do you all do with all the fruit from the tree? Do you all eat them fresh or dry them up?

Nice pix! Thanks again.

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the branches are long and thin and were weighted down by the weight of the fruits.

once they get a little red on the tree they start to get some sweetness. that's usually when we pick them and eat them fresh. we give quite a bit away to friends and family, but still have quite a bit left over that my parents dry them and use them in "dong gua tong" winter melon soup.

they usually grow new trees from the existing roots.when we dig them up to give to friends they're attached to the roots of the older trees.

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