Finally I Can Post Again

tropicalisteJuly 11, 2006

Thank GOD! I haven't been able to post in almost two years because everytime I tried to post I was redirected to another website. I don't know why, and during the cold months don't visit as much, and finally about to start a new membership, but it works now. I'm back, and thank you for reading this!

Currently I'm growing the following in large and not so large pots:




Asian Guava





Key Lime




Thank You!

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You must have pissed off Spike! :D he sold GW.... how are you growing these plants? And what is an Asian Guava?

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Lol, Well I haven't the foggiest why. I've been nothing but cordial with everyone here. :)
Asian Guava, the one with the white inside. Well at least I thought that's what it was called. I brought seeds back from the Philippines.
My Lychee and Rambutan seeds that I got from the Asian Grocery are sprouting too.
They're all in pots. I'm not shy either, the Jackfruit and Santol are in trash cans! :)

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glad you are here. I sent you an email.

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Welcome back!- there is a new tropical fruit forum here you may enjoy. Check it out!

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You didn't happen to get directed to the disney site, by chance? If so Spike got mad at you. I had irked him one time by posting something (I forget what), and I kept getting sent there! I finally send him an email asking what the heck is going on, and he told me wha' happa! Then he unblocked my IP address and I could post again! This happened years ago, and I had re registered this time around.

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Spike did that to me, for a forgotton reason... I asked permission to come back, he/she called me an idiot... I was like, okay, I am an idiot, can I come back? :o) voila!

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