Dragonfruit bloom dying?

cybunnies123(9)July 8, 2013

I recently bought a dragonfruit, that at the moment only has one main growth. There is one flower bud that may or may not open soon. It was doing fine for awhile, staying green and looking healthy but suddenly some of the tips of the leaves are shriveling and the bud is turning a reddish yellow in some areas. Is it going to survive? Or is it going to shrivel and fall off? I don't have it in full sun (as far as I know) it only gets filtered morning sun. It's mostly in shade. I'm watering it enough and not letting the soil become too dry. I think that's right because its a tropical cactus and not a desert one? Also, when I bought it, it already had a full grown fruit on it and a smaller fruit with a dried flower still attatched, sadly that one fell off :( I think It got knocked off somehow.

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Update, this morning I found it in the soil of my dragonfruit pot. It fell off somehow. That's really disappointing... Maybe its too hot for it to bloom now.. Its been in the 100s here in Arizona. It has another tiny growing flowerbud on it. Hopefully it survives. Could anybody please explain why this might have happened? It may help me to save the other flowerbud.

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