What is a good variety of Mango to plant?

bananafanFebruary 7, 2013

I have a spot to plant a mango in the south side of my yard and I'm wondering what variety I should get. I have a Carrie, a Nam Doc Mai and a Cogshell in the pots. I wonder if it's good to plant my Cogshell in there. I know mango trees grow huge. Has any one planted a Cogshell in the ground? Is there any other variety that is not too big, disease resistant and a good tasting one to plant?

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If you can get your hands on a rapoza variety from Hawaii tht would be the best variety here in Hawaii! It's a huge fruit, sweet non fibrous! If you could get your hands in a plant I promise you will be satisfied!!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Hi banana I have 3 Cogshall mango trees planted in the ground...its a semi dwarf. I trim it once a year after its done fruiting to keep it from getting too big, so far its been easy to maintain. It has a naturally full dense growth. Its appx. 6ft now and I planted it in 2007. Here's one of my Cogshall taken last summer.

Google "Pickering" mango. I have one and its suppose to be a very good mango considered to be dwarf. I saw a picture of a 10 year old tree that was only 6-7 ft. tall. You can easily prune this one to keep it small and its also slow growing.

I'll post a picture of my Pickering on the next post...

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Pickering mango planted May 2012...it has a couple of blooms already!

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Rapoza! I thought I have heard that name somewhere, or maybe not. Did you grow those beautiful Mangoes in the picture? They sure look delicious! Only thing I'm afraid with exotic brand names is that they might not be as easily available, By the way, do you own one and is it easily available in Hawaii?

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Bananafan, unfortunately I got the pic of google hahah! But on the Big island my grandfather has a few rapoza mango trees, there the best I've ever eaten and they get really big to over a pound maybe 3 at the biggest I'm trying to get one but my nurseries only have other mango they graft like Haden florigon brooks late nam doc Mai, etc. I know frankies nursery in Oahu sells rapoza mango trees and they do ship to the mainland, they have really nice trees all grafted and about 3 to 5 ft in height in a 3 gallon pot.

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Awesome! Puglvr1, I didn't know that Mangoes can be used as part of the landscaping. It's been so creatively done by you and the effect is really pretty. The leaves on your Mango(s) look really shiny and lush green. Did you plant three Mangos all in the same hole? I've been reading on planting 2-3 plants in a hole and didn't know what to make out of it. If it is really planting three trees in a hole, won't they be in a tight spot for competiting for nutrients and space?

Thanks for sharing your Cogshell and Pickering Mangoes. I often see Cogshell at Lowe's or Home Depot, but I have to keep my eyes peeled for a Pickering Mango next time. I think a dwarf or semi dwarf is ideal for my yard and as well for easy maintenance and harvesting if I get some fruit from it.

This is Cogshell fruiting in the pot in June of 2010. So far, I'm only able to eat off the fruit of Cogshell and Carrie. Nam Doc Mai is still potted and very small. I don't know if I should plant in it the ground though. It's definitely much better if they're planted. Carrie grew quite a bit after being in the ground.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

That's a good looking Cogshall...one of my favorite mangoes. I actually have 3 "separated" Cogshall mango trees planted, 2 of them in the backyard and one in the front. Originally, I bought 2 Cogshall and 1 Carrie (but after the Carrie fruited for the very first time last year) I found out definitely it was NOT a Carrie but turned out to be another Cogshall...that is how I ended up with 3 Cogshall,lol...

I have heard of people planting 3 different variety of fruit trees in one hole...but have NEVER done it! I do know some people say to make sure if you attempt something like that the varieties you choose should have an "even" growth habit if not the more vigorous variety will "take over" the other two slower ones...

Hawaii grower...I've heard great things about Rapoza, but I don't think its available here in FL or at least VERY rare.
They look super delicious though!!

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Hi! There are numerous mango cultivars worthy of mention, but here's my contribution: PSM (Philippine Super Mango). It is a carabao mango strain from the Guimaras Island. I wouldn't recommend the carabao mango bought off any nursery in the mainland US, though. That's because I don't think they do justice to the real carabao mango's superior flavor and eating quality.. My guess is that inferior strains of carabao mango have been distributed in the US, the parent tree probably being a seedling progeny of carabao mango reaching the shores of Mexico in the 1800's. In the picture is the real deal (carabao mangoes sold off the streets of Manila). I'm not even sure if these are from so called controlled strains, but they are indeed yummy.

However, if you are to be interested to plant nothing less than a carabao mango in your yard, you should get it from any Philippine exporter so you are assured to get the best, updated & controlled strain.

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Thanks for the info on the Phillippine Super Mango. Is this a cold hardy variety? The Winter temp. here can go to freezing point. I know some exotic mango species maybe of a more ultra tropical nature. I don't know if this is the case with this carabao variety, but if it will work in my planting zone, I'll certainly be willing to try if I can get hold of one.

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I'm developing a real love hate relationship with you people.

Great pics.

Along with the Sweetheart lychee, I will be getting a Pickering to keep my Cogshall company.

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Hi bananafan, sorry for the late reply. I've no first hand experience with it since I live in a temperate climate, but I've read about the carabao mango variety's good tolerance to cold. Just let me know should you decide to get one. I can connect you with a couple sources for this tree. I think they'd be more than willing to ship you a young tree.

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Thanks, Zigmund. I'll keep that in mind. For the moment, I have three mangos waiting to be planted. The problem is which one to plant ... since I don't have many spots left in my yard.

The three I already have is the Cogshell, Nam Doc Mai and Carrie. Carrie has been dug out to make room for a greenhouse, but it's even fruiting in the pot now. It's throwing out quite a few pinnacles. It looks like it wants to be planted again, although I'm also thinking about planting my Cogshell which is a dwarf (or semi-dwarf). It would be easier for me to manage a smaller tree.

Again, thanks for your offer to help--I greatly appreciate it.

Below here is my Carrie blooming now:

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Hi Bananfan,
Impressive Carrie mango. I've read a lot about that type of mango and I've been thinking it eould be nice to be able to have one since I've read it to have superior flavor & aroma, good production and all the ither nice qualities. The only thing that's made me hesitate- until now, is that it was never mentioned to be a dwarf (or dwarfable) tree. Now you've just showed me how it can fruit in a pot. Amazing! If only I can get my hands on one.. Too bad trees from the US ship to the Phils difficultly.

I just want to congratulate you for a great choice of tree to plant.


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I planted two mango trees together. One is a FL staple, "Haden" and the other one is a tree I grew from seed. I believe it is a Indo/Chinese variety. They have both been in the ground since 2010. The seedling was growing in a pot since 2008 when it sprouted. We will see what happens. The Haden graft started flowering last year. 2013 has been a strange Spring, late season chills & an initial flowering in February with only 3 fruits setting then aborting. Now I'm getting more flowers in March. Kind of strange,,,, I probably have a few more years to go on the seedling, we will see what happens. Good luck with your mango choices. If your low on space like I am, two in one is a great way to go!


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Looks great Vince!! I love how you planted 2 in one hole. It definitely has been a strange winter and spring. My mango trees are doing the same thing...it bloomed in January, set a few fruits and only a very small amount left...other trees none survived...but blooming again this month. I hope I get some of the late blooms to set fruit...time will tell? I will be bummed if I have NO mangoes this summer :o(

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