Do all black tomatoes taste similar?

rathersmallbunny(9)March 23, 2012

Last year I planted my first black tomato (Black Krim) and was blown away by the flavour. It was far and away the most popular tomato in the garden, followed closely by Sungold. This year I've been unable to control myself and keep putting in black tomatoes, with very few other colours. I have limited space, however, and am wondering if all black tomatoes share a certain taste profile and whether I'm going to be sorry about my mix later. I have one or two spots left - perhaps I should grow something else?

Here's what I've planted (1 of each)

-Black Krim, Black Prince, Black Cherry, Purple Cherokee, Sungold, Odoriko, and Bloody Butcher.

I just saw Japanese Black Trifele in the nursery and really struggled not to add to my addiction. Do you think it's worth adding or should I expand to something else? They also had Green Grape, which I've heard good things about.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

No, not ALL so called blacktomatoes share the same taste profile. There are way over 200 named varieties that are listed in the SSE YEarbook.

I divide them into pink/backs, that have a clear epidermis and red/blacks which have a yellow epidermis.

TO be honest there aren't many so called blacks that I do like, with a few exceptions. I see you liked Black Krim. SOmetime you might want to try Noire de Crimmee which is not just Black Krim in French language but I find to have better taste and production than Black Krim itself.

The best thing to do is to trial a few each year until you find the ones you like best. So expand your horizons to some of the great oranges and pinks and reds, different shapes, different tastes,different leaf forms.

Rather than Green Grape you might consider Green Doctors for a green when ripe cherry.

And since you referred to Cherokee Purple as Purple Cherokee I can almost tell you where you got those seeds, since there's only one place that sent the seeds out with the name backwards. LOL


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I grew Black Plum 2 years in a row and found them somewhat mealy.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

No more so than all reds taste similar. There is a wide variety in flavors between them IME and of course it is greatly affected by the growing conditions you provide.


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spacetogrow(4 MN)

I'd heard that fresh black tomatoes generally don't keep as long as many other varieties. Is that true? If so, having some tasty non-blacks in the mix, especially at the end of the season, might extend the fresh homegrown tomato season by weeks or longer.

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Thanks so much everyone! Btw, my bad, I actually meant to type "Cherokee Purple" - I bought the seedlings from various farmer's markets, nurseries etc. as I only had space for one plant of each variety and it seemed to make more sense than raising from seed. Also, it's really hard to pass up a seedling that I haven't tried before - argh!!

I've decided to give my remaining two spots to 2 reddish tomatoes:
"Cosmonaut Volkhov" and "Moskovich". We'll see how well they do -- last year's Black Krim (also a Russian tomato) had its season extended into the beginning of November until I took it out.

Interestingly enough, the yellow and pink tomatoes I grew last year (Jubilee and Caspian Pink) had a disappointingly weak flavour. I don't know whether that was due to the particular strain, or whether lighter coloured tomatoes have a correspondingly milder taste?

spacetogrow -- Black Krim seemed to keep just as long on the counter as did other tomatoes. This year since I'll be growing more black tomatoes, I'll keep an eye out for how long they keep.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Rabbit, the only difference between red and pink tomatoes is the color of the skin. Red tomatoes have yellow skin, while pinks have clear skin. Peel a bit of skin off the fruit, rub the flesh off carefully, and you can see the color of the skin. [There is also a gene for striped skin.]

I believe yellow skin is a dominant trait, while clear skin is recessive.

Reds and pinks otherwise have the same red pigment in their flesh. IIRC, the flesh color results from multiple genes, which is why some reds are darker than others (and the same for pinks).

So pinks shouldn't necessarily be milder-flavored than reds, because the only difference is the color of the skin -- and many people don't even eat the skin!

Yellow, gold, and white tomatoes, however, apparently are quite different in flavor from the reds, pinks, and darker tomatoes. I haven't eaten enough lighter-colored tomatoes to say much about that.

Here is info about tomato genes:

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