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KCinNCMarch 21, 2013

Hi evryone. I've visited this site for a few years but just recently joined.
I've grown tomatoes ( mostly heirlooms for several years ) and this will be the third year I have started Pruden's Purple.
Every time I have planted them, they are extremely slow to germinate or come up. All my other plants have been up for a while and they are still no shows.
I soaked some additional seeds in a damp paper towel for a couple of days and planted those two days ago, so maybe they will be up soon. I did that with success the first year I tried Pruden's, after I thought they were not going to germinate.
Is this common? My seeds are not all from the same pack but are from the same vendor two years apart.
Thanks for any info.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Which vendor? It might matter.

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Prudens purple seems to germinate OK for me but assuming that you planted all seed at same depth in a similar environment- the most likely problem for poorer germination is older or mishandled seed.

Sometimes poor germination just happens and it can occur with expensive or inexpensive seed. The one thing I actually did this year with a hybrid variety after only 16% germ. was call and request more seed (seed co. omitted ). They were eager to replace seed at no cost with a different seed lot. With Prudens Purple I would just order from a second source.

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