Plant suggestion?

mauirose(11)July 16, 2007

Need to fill in a gap between a burgundy Queen Emma Lily (crinum) and an areca palm (dypsis lutescens-kind of yellow). Had a few crotons in there which looked great but suffering now-not enough sun-just a few hours in the morning. Should go about 6-7' high, willing to head back occasionally to keep in bounds.

Can't wait to hear your suggestions!

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Since you're in Hawaii, I'd think a natural choice would be a mixture of both deep red and variegated pink/cream/red/light green ti (Cordyline fruticosa). They can be decapitated to propagate, and the stumps rejuventate to lower their heights.

White Candles (Whitfieldia elongata) flowers in white on glossy green leaves in very little sun. Grows to 6'

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I was out pruning today, and it dawned on me that perhaps many of the cane or cane-like shrub begonias would be great in your predicament.

Begonia aconitifolia or B. reniformis or the very flowery B. coccinea, B. valida. Attractive leaves and flushes of flowers, and your spot seems to have jsut enough direct sun to encourage flowering without burning leaves.

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I thought about ti but wanted more of a leaf shape contrast with the lily. Begonia might be very nice however, maybe even a mix a few of the rounder leaved ti in towards the back...thanks

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