'tabouey x j-30' jakfruit trees for trade

jacob13February 12, 2011

Hello Friends,

I just wanted to let everyone know that I still have some "Tabouey x J-30" Jakfruit trees available for Trade. These trees are about 9 months old and about 2'-3' feet tall. The trees trunks are nice and thick and have hardened off nicely. They have also branched out nicely. I am looking to Trade for other Tropical Fruit trees.



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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Tabouey x J-30 is from the Fairchild Breeding Program. Here's the fruit Jacob's seedlings have sprung from.

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Andrew Scott

I was very fortunate to get one of these seedlings from Jacob. Igot it last summer and even under grow lights this tree continues to grow and thrive.

Thanks very much for inculding me on this trade. I am very appreciative of it. Right now it is growing in my kitchen window forming tons of new branches. It did get stunted in my bedroom because I didn't have it close enough to the HPS light but now in the kitchen it is growing even better. I suspect the fact that the base board heater about 3ft below it has something to do with it.

Hi Harry,
I wanted to ask you how large these seedlings would have to be to produce fruits? I am thinking that if mine ever did, it will be many years from now. I know jay has had his 'Gold Nugget' for a while now and no fruits yet, though I think he told me he is hoping for fruit this year. I am going to prune mine the same way he prunes his. He said keeping the branches short to produce a more comlunar tree is imprtant for indoor growers to keep it in bounds.
I don't know if I told you but Bo did send me some jackfruit chips and some canned jackfruit. I liked the chips the best but the canned fruit wasn't bad either. I am hoping that maybe this year I will get my hands on fresh fruit.


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I hate to say it, but the jackfruit may not do too well as a container tree. They have aggressive root systems that resent being confined. I had a couple in 25g containers and they quickly started to decline after filling out the container (which didn't take long). Grafted trees will flower at just 2 or 3 feet tall, but my experience is that they won't set fruit until the trunk is a few inches thick. I know there are cases where trees fruit very precociously, but those tend to be rare as far as I know.


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hmhausman(FL 10B)


Jakfruit seedlings are very difficult to tie down to a seed to fruit time period. I have heard that they can fruit in one year under optimum conditions. I would think 3-5 years is more realistic and is in line with what I have experienced in general with jakfruit seedlings. Remember, Jay's jakfruit is a grafted tree while yours is a seedling. Generally, one might expect a grafted tree to bear earlier than a seedling. However, I have had seedlings bear in 3 years and a grafted tree take 15 until it carried its first fruit. I don't mean to disuade you from trying, but, because of the size of the fruit, fruiting a jakfruit in a container would be quite an accomplishment. Best of luck in trying! If you can do it, you'll secure your position in the annnals of tropical fruit growing excellence.


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Also, eating chips or canned jakfruit is not anyway to fully appreciate the actual flavor of jakfruit. So don't draw any final conclusions from your experience (which is certainly still better than never having any at all). Jakfruit can be enjoyed green and eaten cooked as a vegetable. Buying the canned green jakfruit and eating it in a Thai, Vietnamese or Indian dish is quite good. The ripe fruit, however, falls under my previosly expressed comparison......that judging it from the can is like judging the flavor and texeture of grapes, cherries, peaches and pineapple from a can of fruit cocktail.


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Hello Friends,

Harry - Thanks for posting those pictures of the Fruit, and as well for the seeds. They are doing so Great!

Andrew - Good to hear from you and Glad to see things are going well for your Jakfruit tree.

Let me know if anyone is interested!

- Jacob

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Hi Jacob -

I like to trade but I don't know if I have anything you want. I have an Ataulfo seedling in a 5g and some Chirimoya seedlings, Email me.


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Andrew Scott

Hi Harry,
Yeah I figured it would take wuite a long time to fruit. Eventualy I am hoping for a house with a greenhouse and also maybe planting the seedling in the ground. Honestly, it may never make it that long. If I feel that it is taking up too much space from my other trees, I will sell it or trade it.

I actually will be getting a grafted jackfruit from Jay. I just felt that my chances of getting fruit would be much better. I really did like the chips though, the canned was good but not great. I do think I will like the fruit and hopefully like I said, I will get a fruit this year.

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