Dwarg Ylang Ylang

bihai(zone 9)July 12, 2006

My Drawf Ylang has finally found a home it likes and taken off. It has done so well so far this year. I have had it for about 3 years or so, and it has struggled some in different locations where I have kept it, but I think I finally founf the right spot. Its in full bloom and smells heavenly!

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Real nice. Where did you obtain it and how big was it then? How big is it now? Looks nice and healthy.

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Beautiful bihai. What do you think is different about this new location?


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I too would like to know. This sounds perfect for container growing :)

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bihai(zone 9)

Gosh I have had it a few years now, at least 4? Maybe 3 going on 4. I can't remember. I got it from Natural Selections Exotics (of course!) when they first imported a batch from Thailand. It was about 2 ft tall them, now its getting close to 5 ft. I first planted it into the greenhouse in the front, very close to the exhaust fan so it would get good air movement going by. But it soon got too shaded by #1 my 20 ft Heliconia "Criswick" and #2 a stand of out-of-control 15-20 ft Heliconia rostrata.

I dug it up from there are repotted it, and now that I have completely overhauled the greenhouse interior and its light and bright and airy, (meaning I removed between 12-15 plants that were 10-20 feet tall), I replanted it in the BACK of the greenhouse in front of the swamp cooler pads (still excellent air movement, but now bright light, pretty much "full greenhouse sun".) It LOVES it and is currently doing great!

Its not suppoed to get too much taller, but I will wait and see...its been my experience that things always get at least 3-5 ft taller than they are supposed to when you put them into year round zone 11 conditions.

I have a "regular" Ylang Ylang too, (Cananga odorata) but its only a seedling, its about 15 inches tall, so I have plenty of time to do something with it, and I have the shrub form (Artobotrys hexapetalus) but that thing is so slow growing I may die of old age before I ever see a bloom.

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I have some Ylang Ylang seeds.Does anyone know how to germinate them? I have put them into a plastic bag filled with moist supersphag moss and placed it on heat approximately 70 degrees F. I am still waiting after 3 months.Thanks for any help.

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Bihai, I have this plant too and it took a couple years to do well for me. When I bought it, it was about 4' tall. It grew down instead of up meaning that the tips kept dying so now it is about 2' tall but fuller. It must have about 50 blooms on it now. I am not sure what makes it happy but I am hoping it is finally satisfied and will continue to do well.

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)


Sounds like you're on the right path. Keep them moist and warm. YY seeds for us take anywhere between 2 months and 1 year (yup!) to germinate. We've always started with fresh seeds that we've harvested ourselves. We've never done the "plastic bag thing" with them. We do ours in soil in containers ... but then we live in the right climate. On average I'd say they should take about 3 months. But you never know.


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I bought mine from Enid, too.
Isn't it a neat plant!!
First place I planted mine, it was filted sun.
Didn't grow much.
Then I moved it next to the big trellis where it's gets morning sun till about 1pm.
It kicked into high gear and great 3 foot last year.
It's now 7 foot tall and bushy.
I'm always trying to take cuttings off it........cheryl

PS - I thought you had a new type of ylang ylang named "Dwarg" !

Here is a link that might be useful: Dwarf Ylang Ylang

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I'm so jealous! You Florida growers!!! grrr heheh

I'd love to try it up here in the Pacific Northwest (in a greenhouse, of course)

I first encountered this plant when I went home to the Philippines last summer and just marvelled at it blooming on such a small tree!

Wonderful specimen!



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Thankyou rayandgwenn. I don't think the seeds were very fresh as they were freebies sent with some plumeria seeds.I can always hope! We don't see ylang ylang plants for sale here in the u.k.
Thanks Hazel.

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yacheryl: My mom saw your Ylang-Ylang and immediately asked if you were selling them! haha, She's not quite familiar with an online "forum". You also got your's at NSE? She's wanted an Ylang-Ylang for a while now, because she grew up around them in the Philippines. :)

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As soon as one of these spits out roots, I'll let you know.
The dwarfs are great, because they don't grow so big
that you couldn't grow them up north in a pot.
Several nurserys sell them down here,
but they're not cheep. Starting at $30,
but I look at it - that's the cost of dh and I going out to dinner.
What's also nice it that they bloom at an early age and for a long time.......cheryl

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