monstera deliciosa

plumiandbamboo(z6a/b MI)July 8, 2005

anyone taste the fruit? how long does it take to fruit? does it have to get huge? is there any way i can get this plant for a cheap price or even free? it seems so common.

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northtexasgirl(z8 FTW)

Wow!! I didn't think they were so common as I have been looking for one for a while. The ones I have found online are EXPENSIVE!! If you know where I can find one for a reasonable price, I sure wish you would let me know and I would be forever grateful. :)


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TonyfromOz(z10 NSW Aust)

Around here (z 9-10) the prunings get thrown out as garden rubbish and will take root wherever you leave them, so it's rarely sold. I can imagine the same goes for Florida etc in your country.

If you start with an adult stem (as opposed to a seedling) a plant should be flowering and fruiting in under 2 years in a warm climate. The compound fruit needs to be disintegrating before any part of it's safe to eat, and even then you have to be careful to avoid the irritant crystals. It's quite sweet and tasty with hints of pineapple and other tropical fruits, but not something you would develop a great hankering for.

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bihai(zone 9)

If you guys have anything I want in trade I will send you large rooted cuttings. It IS a weed here in FL but only in South and Central FL. Above Orlando/Tamoa line its a houseplant or greenhouse plant.

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They sell it in the Home Depot and Lowe's here in florida as a houseplant or garden plant- thats usually where you can find it- as a houseplant

ditto on rooting an adult cutting. thats how you can get to the big leaves the fastest- check out some of mine:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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northtexasgirl(z8 FTW)

The Lowe's here in Fort Worth had what they called monstera deliciosa but the plant was actually split leaf philodendron. I heard they are mislabeled alot.


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As far as I know they are one and they same- the "split leaf philo" term being actually incorrect- as its a monstera

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northtexasgirl(z8 FTW)

The split-leaf and the monstera deliciosa (swiss cheese plant), look different. Wish I knew how to post pics here and I could show you. I think it's like some nurseries labeling datura plants as brugmansia. If you google, you will see the difference and more than one nurseries mislabels these plants.


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When you say they look different, are you referring to the monstera having holes in its leaves? When young the leaves dont have holes- its only the larger leaves that get holes.

there is another smaller leaved plant that resembles a young monstera leaf but its more vining. doesnt get the same holes, but has the lobed shape. This is Monstera Borsigiana:

If this plant is what you are referring to:

that is Monstera obliqua- also known as swiss cheese plant, buckshot plant, etc. It is more of a vining plant, and doesnt get leaves as big as M. Deliciosa.

on this page they show both types: profiles/philodendron.htm

the "split leaf philly" they refer to is actually Monstera Deliciosa, but young enough to not show the holes.

the "swiss cheese plant" shown is M. Obliqua

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coffeemom(Broward z10)

OK Tony, I have a fruit. It took 18 mos to ripen. I knew it was ripe as it fell off the stalk.I only eat the part that's left after the platelets fall off easily. It does taste like a pinapple/banana but the consistency is like baby food or an overripe banana. How the heck do you eat this thing? I've been using a corn on the cob. Are there recipes for this fruit? Anything more you can tell me about this fruit would be appreciated.Thanks.

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desertrubble(z9 AZ)

Our Walmarts have them all the time in 6" pots for under $5, big ones with splits already.

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What a stunning setting. Its beautiful.

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gaza(10 la CA)

here i CA,they take a year to ripen,and taste great,like a banana/pineapple/strawberry mix.
you have to wait till they are SO mushy on the plant,then harvest.
2 years,i have heard is not uncommom,in cooler areas

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OK, I have what I think is a split leaf. Looks like lilly pads? Only some leaves have splits mostly ones closer to the top. They drip "water" from the tips a day after watering. Are you sayin gthis plant produces fruit? I read the leaves are poisonous to animals and humans? Is this true?

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The fruit tastes like a pineapple and banana. I made the mistake of eating it before completely ripe. My mouth started to burn, then I wiped my mouth with a napkin. The napkin was full of blood. I won't eat one again.

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peterknop(z7 VA)

Just moved to Fort Lauderdale and want to see (and get cuttings) of monstera deliciosa, as well as meet local garden enthusiasts. Also looking for nursery or farmer to work with on research plantings of special biofuel plants. Either rent or contract out. 2-3 acres required, 3 to 4 year lease.

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