Questions about growing Dragon Fruit (Pitaya Cactus)

GoldenManJuly 22, 2012


I recently purchased some dragon fruit plants, 4 of them. I have Yellow Dragon Fruit, American Beauty, White Vietnam, and one unidentified plant. Each cutting is planted and rooted, and is about 1.5 feet tall. I live off of the coast of California, very close to the beach, and they get full sun. I have some questions though..., 1. How often should they be watered? Should I make sure their dirt is always moist, or let it dry out? And 2. How long can I expect to wait before they have fruit? I am already aware of how to pollinate the flowers once they have them, but how long before I should expect these? Thank You! :-) :)

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Here is a link that may be useful to you. Just find the group that is nearest to your location.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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newgen(9 Central California)

what part of coastal CA are you? north, central, or south? Do you have a lot of fog like Morro Bay, or sunny like Avila?

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I am near the coast, but have lots of sun. I am about 5 miles from the beach.

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lthree(So. California)

I am a few blocks from the beach in So. Cal and my plant is a monster! I had it growing over the fence, but it is so happy it grows over the top of the house. I let it dry out COMPLETELY - meaning the top several inches of soil are dry, then water it well. Lots of organic matter in soil. Full sun.

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