Getting a Bird of Paradise to bloom.

cjhodgeJuly 30, 2006

I have a BOP I bought last year. It was small, maybe in a 1/2 gal pot and a foot tall. I potted it last year in a 16" or 18" pot and it lived outside until winter. It came in and sat in front of a south facing window all winter and went back outside this spring. It has grown 3 new leaves that are huge. I'm new to the tropicals. :-) I have been fertilizing it this year with a 5-5-5 indoor plant fertilizer that you sprinkle on top of the soil.

When do these bloom? Do they have to be a certain age? Pot-bound? Certain size?



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stressbaby(z6 MO)

I finally got 2 blooms this year on my BOP after 4 years. Mine has countless leaves extending out to total width of over 5 feet, in a 24" pot. The key is patience.

The white BOP is different and unless you have a 20' high GH, getting it to bloom in IL will be nearly impossible.


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I can't remember for sure what I have. I am pretty sure it is a white one. I bought it at Lowe's last summer. It has put on 3 new leaves this year that look great! It might be 36inches tall now. I have been reading on here the average height before they bloom is 7-8'? I wish I had a greenhouse, but I don't. I like the foliage, but getting it to bloom would be nice. Is there anything special these guys need to grow? I water and use a basic fertilizer on it and it get full sun now.

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You probably have a White (Giant) Bird of Paradise as these are more commonly sold by HD's (at least around where I live). It obviously loves your conditions so just keep doing what you are doing. They don't mind being in smaller containers and this will help to keep their size in check as a houseplant. I only feed during the spring and summer. I really let mine dry out in the winter season. Do you put your plant outside for the growing season? If you do, be careful of sun, as yours (even if in a southern exposure), is not adapted to higher outdoor light levels. If it is a Giant Bird, I would give up on the idea of waiting for flowers on the adult plant. The adults are enormous! I am still waiting to get flowers on the Strelitzia reginae (smaller species).

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Thanks for the info. It is in a 14" to 16" size container. It was in one larger than that but I put it into a smaller pot for winter. I couldn't believe how much the roots have grown in a year. When I bought this plant last year it was in a 6"-8" size pot.

It goes outside during the day as soon as it gets 55+ degrees daytime temp. I haul it back in the house every night until it gets to where it stay 55+ at night, then it will stay out until it gets too cool. During the winter it stayed in front of a south facing window. I never thought about it but I did let mine dry good between H2O-ings. I'll Have to rembemer that for this winter too.

That stinks about the flowers on my plant. But, like I said, I like the foliage. Is there any kind you can suggest that would be a smaller, easier to bloom "bird"?

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Yes, you can look for the smaller Strelitzia reginae. It is also adapted to a much drier climate. It can be made to flower in a house because it is a smaller plant. Having said that, I have not been successful blooming one indoors. Give full sun, fertilize and be patient! Goodluck!

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Thanks! I'll have to see if I can find one of those. Wrong time of year now, but I'll right that name down and look for one next year. Good luck with yours!!!!!

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stevied(8b/9a FL)

At this time, my BOP has 3 open blooms and 7 more pods yet to open. I don't know why I am getting so many at once, and why at this time of year.

It is in a large pot. Most of the year, we leave it out in full sun. However, in the summer, we move it to a shadier area. In the winter, we bring it inside.

We also give it lots of fertilizer.

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My BOP is a recent transplant from a vacated lot, and seemed to handle the move well. At first it had regular blooms, but now it is taking a break. However, there are about 8 diversions that are doing very well with rapid growth, as well as regular new leaf production...which seems to be once every 4-5 weeks or so.

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

another option is the false bird of paradise. It's a heliconia, it only gets to be about 3 feet tall, and blooms at an early age. After researching the BOP, I decided that this would be an acceptable substitute. They send up new plants like a canna bulb does, and can be divided from time to time.

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I have 3 Bird of Paradise in my garden. They were planted 4 years ago. The first 2 years they bloomed great no luck the last 2. They are approx 4 ft tall. Someone told me I had over fertilized 2 years ago so I have not given them anything for the past 1 1/2. What is the trick?

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use a high phosphorus fertilizer during the hottest months only and be patient

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I've had my birds for several years. Both the white and blue,orange. This past summer a spike came on,a greenish leaf came out and a purple spike came out from the leaf-like thing. That is all it ever did. Was that the beginning of a bloom? If so, why did the blue and orange plumes not come out? Someone please help. BOP are one of my favorite plants. The BOP) are growing in a large pot on the porch where they get all A.M. sun.

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