GOOD ? Magnesium Sulphate Fertilizer Shrubs & Palm Trees

scotty0613July 27, 2013

I live in S. Florida and I just bought a bag of Magnesium Sulphate Fertilizer Shrubs & Palm Trees.

Is that the best thing for me to use on all my different kinds of palm trees and shrubs?


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It's good for them, but it isnt the only thing they need. You also need a good complete fertuiliser with trace elements.

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Could you recommend a good fertilizer with trace elements?

Thank you,

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I'm not in Florida but what I understand from people on a number of garden forums is that the soil is sandy and calcareous. That means it's usually devoid of most things except calcium. Sandy soil has low CEC, that is ability to hold nutrients, especially with very wet weather. So you need to add a lot of organic matter to the soil which acts as a nutrient retainer. Ideally you could get a soil analysis done which will let you know exactly what's missing. Or, you could use that money on just a balanced fertiliser which includes trace elements. They list the ingredients and proportions on the packets. Nitrogen (N) is good for foliage and overall plant growth. Phosphorus (P) is good for root growth. Potassiun (K) is good for flowering/fruiting. The trace elements support all the various functions that need to be going on inside the plant. A local reputable nursery should have a reasonable knowledge of soil conditions in the area and be able to recommend what is best for your situation. They'd be familiar with the local brands of fertiliser available. Hope this helps.

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evilscott(USDA=10, Sunset=24)

I use Jack's Classic Palm Food, it comes in a tub like those large yogurt containers.

It contains NPK, Mg, S, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, and Zn.

One caveat to the above post, K is, very generally, good for overall growth and management of the plant structure. Whereas P is important for flower production.

K and N will leach out of your sandy soils quickly, so read the label of your fertilizer; you may need to apply more often than you think.

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just an FYI...
Magnesium sulfate is Epsom salts
i use it , especially on fast growing plants,like my papaya. I would think especially in S Fla it would be helpful.

in the body calcium works with magnesium
(often people think they have a calcium deficiency, when really they have a MAG deficiency)

I am thinking plants work in a similar way. if the soil is very calcareous, it is probably devoid of Mag.

Magnesium sulfate works great as a foliar spray as well.

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